Stat Screen Loop

I’m having trouble with a stat screen loop.

The error I’m getting is a loading loop when the “show stats” button is selected. I suspect the answer might be that I needed to leave the stat file named “choicescript_stats.txt” but I have another WiP w/that file name. Sorry if the answer is obvious; I’m in sleepless jam-mode.

My code looks like this:

*label stats_character_sheet
Character Sheet:
text Name
text Gender
text Heritage
text Language
text Apparel
text Weapon
text Skillset
text Specialty
text Predation

*stat_chart Outlook
opposed_pair Humane
opposed_pair Traditional
*stat_chart Approach
opposed_pair Outgoing
opposed_pair Perceptive
opposed_pair Rational
opposed_pair Decisive

*goto stats_relationships
*goto stats_glossary

*label stats_relationships
#Character Sheet.
*goto stats_character_sheet
*goto stats_glossary

*label stats_glossary
#Character Sheet.
*goto stats_character_sheet
*goto stats_relationships

Thanks for the help!

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Yeah, sorry, you can’t rename startup.txt or choicescript_stats.txt.

You should have different folders for each game to avoid conflicts.


Hmm, I think that’s the case. I have the games’ .txt files in separate game folders within “My Documents.” Do you mean two spearate instances of the ChoiceScript or IDE file? Also, I don’t seem to be having the problem with the startup.txt file, which is named that in both folders.

Thank you for helping me. Super stressed w/the month-long time period. Cheers! @CJW

If you’re using CSIDE it will handle all this for you, you don’t need to worry about it. Just make sure your scene files are in two separate directories, and put your file names back to as they were.


Ha! Muchos gracias. I am a coding ant that feels like a coding god! @CJW


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