Stat help when character is gender customizable

hi! my problem is that because the character is gender customizable and therefore has two different names, I can’t figure out how to make those different names appear in their “romance” stat

here is the code I have right now and when you go in game and meet that character their name appears as “D”. when I tried inserting their name it broke their entire stat.

*if met_D = true
    *gosub relD
    *set DText ("D "&D2)
        percent D ${DText}

do I have to make two different stats for each gender and use an *if statement? and if so, how do I track when they get +/- percentages without writing every scene twice?

Multireplace is the best fit for your use case.

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Is there a reason you want a character’s changeable name to end up in all their variables? Your readers won’t see the variable names unless you show them to them.

It’s pretty common for gender-bending characters to have name options starting with the same letter, e.g. in my game there’ll be a Phaedros/Phaedra/Phaedron. But the stats for that character aren’t going to vary based on name. Since all of those names start with P, I could use the same “met_P” or “PText” or “P_romance” variable no matter what.

And I could have a variable P_name that is *set to “Phaedros,” “Phaedra,” or “Phaedron” when the character’s gender is chosen. Then I would just have ${P_name} whenever I wanted the reader to see their name. On the stats screen, for example, I could have:

    percent P_romance ${P_name}

So no matter what the character was named, I’d boost their romance number using the P_romance stat, but the reader would only see it with the character’s actual name, not as “P_romance.”

If you wanted the names not to all start with the same letter, so your gender variable character could end up as Douglas, Xanthippe, or Pat, then I dunno… have “met_DXP,” DXPText," etc. for your variables.

    percent DXP_romance ${DXP_name}

Or decide that you’re going to call that character Q and have all their stats start with that letter.

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