Stardom in Seoul: Live the life of a Korean idol!

I’m probably going to be locking the MC’s age to something a bit older than the average new idol, but I haven’t decided an exact age yet.

@Prism_Stars Haha, the janitor RO is a bit unconventional, which is why I added it in the first place xD


Or you can just not specify. Or you can leave it up to the player “The Boss offers you a drink”

  1. I don’t drink
  2. I drink
  3. i’m too young to drink

3 result. The boss swipes it away what am I thinking you aren’t old enough to drink.


I’m very, very interested in this. I hope you do continue to work on it and share it on the forums. I’d love to play it.


Absolutely. You can choose whether to be a soloist, or in a group.

There are a couple of “official” reasons why many K-pop stars aren’t allowed to date, such as: preventing distractions, focusing on their job, etc. But the main reason is that the fans can be crazy overprotective, meaning it’s in their best interests to prevent them from dating.

I’m not sure if I’m going to implement such a rule in the game, but either way most dating/relationships must be kept a secret because rules or not, K-fans do not like it when an idol dates anyone.

Those are some excellent ideas! I’ll try to add some of these in.

To everyone else who expressed interest, thank you so much! I’ve read every comment on this thread, and I really appreciate your kind words. I’ll try to have a demo running ASAP :slight_smile:


I don’t know much about the kpop scene but you could also borrow samurai of hyuga and community college hero. At the start of the game the company and the player decide how your character is supposed to act. For example are you the approachable good girl, the risky troublemaker, etc. If you take public actions against your type you lose reputation points. Being the consummate do gooder can be just as troublesome as being a troublemaker.


I can’t stop brainstorming. Haha. Celebrity stalker?? Them K-pop girls are cray.

Yandere Kpop girls. Spooky…


this has piqued my interest :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Gender locked female?? pls add male too pls

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Where does it say this was genderlocked? :confused:

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RO Ceo’s son I figured it might be gender lock

There’s a possibility that the son is bi?


Count me in, it seems interesting.

I’m very, very interested in this! In fact, I just posted a similar-ish idea in a thread asking about what types of CYOAs you’d be interesting in seeing.

I have some gripes about this though. I was a big Hallyu fan during the 2nd and 2.5 generations (WonSoKa days and APink/Girl’s Day/AOA eras respectively) but not so much now so let’s just say that I know what I’m talking about. It’s interesting that you’re going to allow the player to choose their origin country but K-entertainment isn’t really as diverse as Hollywood. There are occasionally foreigners but they’re usually Asians (specifically East Asians) too and even then, Korea has gripes about them. (See also: calling Chinese idols “traitors” among other things). The rare SEA celebs who try to make it in Korea aren’t as welcomed either. Blackpink’s Lisa lucked out by being on a hit rookie-ish girl group of influential agency. Filipina soloist Kriesha Chiu isn’t doing so well rn (though that could also be blamed on her agency). Half-Black Half-Korean Michelle Lee hasn’t made waves in years. Even Korean-Americans can face backlash just for being Asian-American. The only non-Asian Hallyu celebs I could think of are the panelists in Abnormal Summit. And even then, they’re more like variety stars and token minority than actual celebrities :confused:

If you’re going for a realism angle, I think it’s best to just make the player choose whether they’re Korean-American, native Korean (and if so, which region bc there are different stereotypes for every region or major city and Koreans can be prideful about their roots. There’s also “satoori” depending on where you’re from), or a foreigner entirely (Japanese/Chinese/Taiwanese/etc.). Depending on the background, they may even have bonus stats or skill points? idk man.

Either way, I’m really interested in this so I’d be looking out for that demo. Hwaiting!!

This would actually be a neat concept :open_mouth: It’s not even that different from how K-industry goes since celebs there also have their own “persona” and maintaining this public image is really important. IRL Examples: Kim Min Hee is seen as a sophisticated high-class actress but her image was muddied after it was revealed that she’s in an affair with her director. Choi Jinri/Sulli had a cute image while she was in her girl group but getting into a relationship with an older rapper turned public opinion against her. Kim Heechul is seen as someone with a devil-may-care attitude and otaku persona so he gets away with saying/doing things your typical boy-next-door idol won’t get away with. So yeah, stuff like that.

Meh, it ain’t really that unique to K-Pop fans. Lana del Rey almost got kidnapped by a crazy stalker recently. There was also that J-Pop idol who got repeatedly stabbed by a stalker. But yeah, there are very cray fans in K-Pop. Just google “sasaeng” lol


It’s says Gender choice, so we can pick the MC’s gender (whoohoo!) And it’s also nonbinary-included :slight_smile:

Well, anything human could relate to a story about anything human. But as K-pop fans relate to a story about K-pop, I think it would be a great factor in any or some directions various character/career types could take. Maybe the stalker was actually employed by your management company. Maybe a fan kills herself when you reveal your relationship with a RO.


Oh! Silly me, I thought you were generalizing that all the fans were cray loool. Implementing stalkers in the game would be neat; you’re right. Sorry about that lol

As far as I’ve seen, these crazy fans in K-industry are more hellbent on harming the celeb (or their SO) than themselves in cases like this. :thinking:

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Looks like the writer as a perfect consultant on hand.

Seems interesting can’t wait to try it but can you put in a famous actress or actor romance


I’m wondering if this will be an alternate earth because I decided to Google “Lesbian K-pop Stars” ( for science) and the only thing that came up was which stars are popular among lesbians and who is secretly suspected of being one. So if I play a lesbian K-pop Star I’m wondering if she’ll have to hide it.