Soulmate (WIP)

Hi’ I am Kii and I’ve begun work on my first game Soulmate.

“Soulmate” is an interactive fiction story that follows the journey of Reyan, a high school girl who has recently been transferred to a new school. Eager to find love and belonging in this unfamiliar place, she encounters five potential romantic interests: Ava, an artistic girl with a unique sense of style; Daniel, the charismatic jock known for his athletic prowess; Gea, the popular girl who seems to have it all; Robert, the brilliant nerd who’s passionate about academics; and Maxine, the troublemaker known as Max, who has a rebellious edge. Amidst navigating high school drama, friendships, and secrets, players will help Reyan make choices that shape her future, leading her towards her one true soulmate.


1. Decision Making:
Players will face a variety of choices throughout the story, allowing them to guide Reyan’s actions and shape her destiny. These decisions will impact her relationships, friendships, and ultimately determine her soulmate.

2. Character Interaction:
Interact with the five romantic interests, Ava, Daniel, Gea, Robert, and Max, through engaging dialogues and choices. Get to know them better, uncover their personalities, and discover shared interests.

3. Character Development:
Each romantic interest has a unique character arc and growth throughout the story. Players will witness their personal development as they navigate the challenges of high school life.

4. Multiple Endings:
“Soulmate” features multiple endings based on the choices made throughout the game. Players can experience different outcomes, including finding Reyan’s true soulmate or exploring various paths of her high school life.

5. Relationship Status:
Keep track of Reyan’s evolving relationships with the romantic interests. The game provides a relationship status tracker, allowing players to see how close they are to each character.

6. Backstory Unveiling:
Delve into the pasts of each romantic interest as Reyan gets to know them better. Uncover their secrets, dreams, and insecurities, leading to a deeper emotional connection.

7. Emotional Engagement:
“Soulmate” aims to evoke a range of emotions, from joy and laughter to heartbreak and empathy. Players will become emotionally invested in Reyan’s journey as she seeks love and belonging.

8. Meeting other Characters:
In addition to the romantic interests, players will interact with a cast of supporting characters, including friends, teachers, and rivals. These interactions will shape Reyan’s overall high school experience and influence her choices.


AVA - The Artistic Soul:
Ava is a free spirit with an artistic soul. She’s imaginative, creative, and has a deep appreciation for beauty in all forms. She’s also known for her kindness and compassion.
Appearance: Ava has long, wavy auburn hair that falls gracefully down her back, complemented by emerald green eyes that seem to hold entire galaxies within them. Her skin is porcelain-pale, and she often wears bohemian-style clothing, adorned with vibrant colors and flowing fabrics.

DANIEL - The Jock with a Heart of Gold:
Daniel is the jock with a heart of gold. He’s confident, outgoing, and passionate about sports. Despite his popularity, he’s down-to-earth and approachable.
Appearance: Daniel has a tall, athletic build, with short, sandy blond hair that matches his striking blue eyes. His sun-kissed skin reflects his time spent on the field, and he typically wears his sports team’s jersey.

GEA - The Popular Queen Bee:
Gea is the epitome of popularity. She’s charismatic, social, and always the center of attention. Beneath her confident exterior, she harbors insecurities and secrets.
Appearance: Gea has long, flowing black hair that cascades down her back, framing her enchanting hazel eyes. Her complexion is a warm olive tone, and she’s often seen wearing the latest fashion trends that accentuate her natural beauty.

ROBERT - The Nerd with a Brilliant Mind:
Robert is the school’s intellectual powerhouse. He’s a bookworm, tech genius, and excels in academics. He’s shy, introverted, but incredibly kind-hearted.
Appearance: Robert has messy, chestnut-brown hair and wears thick-rimmed glasses that emphasize his intelligent gaze. His skin is fair, and he dresses in comfortable, casual attire, often sporting graphic tees and jeans.

MAXINE(MAX) - The Troublemaker with a Rebellious Streak
Max is the enigmatic troublemaker, known for her fearless attitude and rebellious spirit. She’s a bit of a mystery, with a tough exterior hiding a softer side.
Appearance: Max has a punk-rock style, with short, jet-black hair and intense, stormy gray eyes. Her dark skin adds to her edgy appeal, and she’s usually seen in leather jackets, ripped jeans, and combat boots.


tumblr: kiisstuff on Tumblr

-realeased 01.01.2024


I really liked this wip and I’m eagerly waiting to see more of him in the future :grinning: :blush:

I need it to be longer before I can form an opinion. Can I ask why it’s gender locked?


I just tried this. A few typos here and there, but nothing major.

Actually, I did notice that the game starts out in the present tense, but switches to the past tense for the first chapter. Is there a reason for this? It does seem unusual.

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I saw when you were planning and love this game, basically call me your biggest fan now!!!

And the Daniel RO sounds perfect for me!

This is amazing and the idea is lovely~ :grin:


I am happy you liked it!

Heya no problem, I set it this way because I’m new to coding and want to practice a bit first but later I’ll probably add a male and non binary version too.

To be honest, I didn’t notice it, thanks for the tip, it’ll be changed in the next update.

Thanks! I actually have a lot of other ideas, but I thought something simple would be better at the beginning to learn to code.


Also, I did like the signposting for the different types of options, but on the page which explains the different types of options, it would be easier to read if you used *line_break to put them on separate lines.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll do this!

Finally MC with a sibling and (normal) family relationships. I hope there will be more choices in the future, but it seems interesting so far.

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