(SOLVED) Quicktest Help

randomtest passes.
When I autotest I get the error: Error: twiger_functions line 13: Non-existent variable ''
There seems to be nothing wrong with line 13:

*set lists_listname {lists_listname}

note: lists_listname is a †pointer (Which IS necessary) that immediately changes it’s contents to the contents of what it’s pointing to.

If the startup.text scene is ran first, then all of twiger_functions works fine with no error.
Quicktest tests my scenes in this order:

startup (it says executing startup but does not show any info on it)
player_setup (the first chapter and only one listed in *scene_list besides startup)
twiger_functions (maybe it runs this next because it is the first to be called in both startup and choicescript stats)
it doesn’t test anymore scenes because of the error.
Does anyone know how quicktest picks the order of scenes? (the other scenes are stat_explain, clan_eluc, relate_expos)

Am I missing something?

Here’s the code around line 13 for reference:

*label find
*temp lists_holder lists_listname
*set lists_listname {lists_listname}

*if lists_index = 0
*temp lists_char 0
*temp lists_count 0
*temp lists_string ""
*temp letter
*label alpha
*set lists_char + 1
... (continues for several hundred lines)

†In computer science, a pointer is a programming language object, whose value refers to (or “points to”) another value stored elsewhere in the computer memory using its memory address or its variable name.

What is the default value of lists_listname and what is the default value of that? Quicktest only cares about default values.

If you *create lists_listname "" It’s looking for the value of the variable "" (obviously there isn’t one). You need to fill in a placeholder when *creating and clear it at the of the initializing commands if you need it blank at the start (by just *setting it back to being blank.)