Should you include yourself in your Writings

I am not a good author\writer by any means of the word(if my topic format shows), but should a writer include themselves in their fiction. No I am not speaking of a Mary\Marty Sue, I am asking that should an author to achieve credit and sympathize\understand their world\charaters include themselves into their works.


I don’t really think you can avoid it. Ultimately, what you write comes from your mind one way or another.


I don’t think I’ve ever imagined or day-dreamed a situation where I ain’t the center of the attention (be it good or bad). I know this sounds extremely pretentious and narcisist but it’s the truth. For me it’s really, really hard to disassociate myself when I’m in my own dream world.

And why would I want to? It’s my escape from real life, I can be and do anything, the characters there are my own, the world, the lore, the universe, everything is mine. It’s impossible not to include myself in a world that first and foremost an extension of myself.

How many authors do you think imagined themselves as the MC of their own stories before commiting them to the CoG/HG format (and even other IFs), where everything gets shaped around the reader; their immersion, their decisions? Many, if not all of them.


My newest work, The Magician’s Burden, IS me. I’ve dealt with a lot of familial abuse, mental illness, and bullying, and had multiple family members addicted to drugs. I vented all of that into my story, and I think my passion for it was what helped it to be successful.

So, yes, you should include yourself in your stories one way or another. I think every non fiction author does to some extent.


Yeah. Fallen Hero is way too close to me for comfort. I write to deal with my own head.


Been there, done that to varying success. It depends on the story IMO.

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I think that it’s really hard not to include your perspectives and experience into your writing. Ultimately, even in fantasy, I believe the author’s perception shapes the setting, characters and reality of the narrative. But I don’t think you have to be too concerned! Unless you are writing professionally, just write what you feel like writing, and after a while you might find a style that fits you :smile:


Not unless you’re Stan Lee.


Well damn.

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Did you create Spiderman? No, well GTFOOMTYP

Well… not that the whole book is about me or something. But has a great part of me. My friend sometimes says that a book is the reflection of the writer’s mind. So often I try to show in my books the way I see things and how I deal with the problems or traumas in my life.

For example, a character with social phobia. I try to show how it affects the coexistence it with others. His suffering every day to deal with it, how it affects his health physical and mental. I try show for people that is not just a shyness silly, that force the bar only worsening things and that “face yours fears” is not helpful since he face it every single day in his life.

I don’t know, maybe it’s my obsession for understand people and why they are like that. Or I just like psychology.


You can definitely make it work, just be careful not to fall into “The Wesley” trap.


There’s one character in my WIP who is essentially a younger version of me. I haven’t done it yet but I am going to violently kill him several different ways.

But mostly I am stealing characters and scenes from very obscure asian movies.

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I think there’s at least one Asian movie or novel where the author did something like that. The ending is incredibly confusing and it’s unfinished but it’s a fun story. I wish I could remember its name…

I think… I want to put myself into my story.

And not just as normal NPC, but more like…
Super-mega NPC that will reveal a terrible secret for those who have a sharp mind to discover it :smiling_imp:


That’s a nice one :grin:

That their world…is really your creation and they’re all at your mercy :crazy_face:


They think they have control, but their fate is written down.


Correction: All their fates are written down. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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