Setting variable numbers from other variables


I’m currently writing a dice game as part of my choice script adventure.

However I’m getting an error when trying to set the value of a variable using the value of another variable.

*temp roll
*rand roll 2 12
*temp difference
*set difference 12 - ${roll}

The error occurs on the last line, pointing to the ${roll} section.

I presumed that if I could print the value of a variable via ${variable} then I could do the same when setting another variable. If this isn’t the case how else would I go about adding variables together. Perhaps I’ve gone about this the wrong way.




Ok, slap my idiocy and call me Roger. It’s always the way that you work it out the second you ask the question.

The answer to my quandary was this:

*temp roll
*rand roll 2 12
*temp difference
*set difference 12 - roll

I didn’t need the ${} around the variable because I’m not printing anything. I should probably take a break for a while.


It’s good to answer you’re own question. A dice game sounds good - An old fashioned role-playing experience.