Setting pronouns

I am having troubles with setting up the pronouns for my MC.
Right now the code looks like this
#like him, a man.
*set pro1 “he”
*set pro2 “his”
*set pro3 “him”
#unlike him, a woman
*set pro1 “she”
*set pro2 “her”
*set pro3 “her”
#unlike him, neither man nor woman
*set pro1 “they”
*set pro2 “their”
*set pro3 “them”

(I will add the *goto command later)

So suppose someone chose option 3 and my text is : ${pro1} is so awesome.
Then the result would be : they is so awesome.

The grammar is wrong and the first letter is not capitalized. Is there a better command or way to do this?

You are looking for multireplace here.

create a variable to tell the game someone uses plural verbs.


in startup:

*create plur false

In the game:

$!{pro1} @{plur are| is} a living being

EDIT: also works for He’s, She’s and They’re:

$!{pro1}@{plur 're|'s}

Also, you can always add an exclamation mark after the dollar sign to ensure that the word in the brackets is capitalized. Such as here:


Having the exclamation mark means that the first letter of the variable will be capitalized. You can read more about that here.

Alongside multireplace, @HannahPS posted a very helpful sample code to use with gender setting and pronouns here:

I hope that helps!


Thanks! @MeltingPenguins @rinari

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I have a little problem, the multireplace command is not executing.
I am using this version of CSIDE

My code is this: $!{pro1} @{plur are|is}
And its execution comes out like this

They @{plur are|is}
The variable plur is set to true so it should print
They are.

Does this version of CSIDE use a different command for multireplace or am I using it wrong?

I also used variations of this command such as

@{plur are | is}
@{plurare|is} (CSIDE should have given me an illegal character error but it didn’t)
@ {plur are|is}
None of them worked. I change the plur to 1 and 2 but nothing happened.

that’s weird.

usually it would be

@{plur are| is}

if there's a space after the word before, and

@{plur 're|'s} if there isn't

The only time it won’t work is having a multireplace within a multireplace.

Hopefully it is just a bug that will go away, for now I will have to remove the NB option and work without multireplace.

Yeah, pease don’t use the legacy IDE (key is in the name), use the one at ChoiceScript IDE instead.

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Unfortunately, that does not work not my tablet :frowning:

What doesn’t work, exactly? It’s true it’s not designed explicitly to work on touch screens, but other forum members have had varying success.

If you can, make sure you’re using Chrome or Edge, rather than Safari.

It doesn’t execute any code if I edit in the coding window however, If I paste the code then and only then it executes