Setting genders and choices

I can’t figure out how to create labels/variables etc. I have read the user guide several times and it is quite confusing and not directly clear. If I want to set genders, have previous choices affect later choices, can it be put into laments terms how to write that out?

I wrote a tutorial on this.

Also Reaperoa wrote a guide.

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i already saw the guide, it doesn’t make it any easier to understand. i need concrete examples

There’s also the wiki.

thanks i will look into this. its rather difficult being that this site was suggested to me to do as a writer and nothing mentioned that i would have to be the one to do the coding/programing. i was under the impression, i write the story with the choices and it’s created into the game, not me doing the coding work

*create gender "none"
    #I am a girl
        *set gender "Female"
    #I am a boy
        *set gender "Male"
*if gender ="Male"
    I am a male

If you want something even simpler you might want to try Twine.

Choicescript is designed specifically for writers. The coding is really simple once you get to grips with it, however there is that initial difficulty bump.

so if i have a starter question with 3 choices and each choice leads to the 2nd question, how is that written out

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