Scandal (WIP) [Updated: 7/31/2021]

The setting and theme are just the same. I made the mistake by saying based on instead of inspired by :sweat_smile:, which was my fault and I apologize for that.

The affair is an integral part to the MCs backstory (with it being shifted a bit to allow for the gay MC, but it goes in a slightly different direction for Alcina). However, you have free reign to how your MC will react to it. Influencing the future and the like.


Oh my gosh! You had me at the president affair and I am down for the ride :sunglasses: I can’t wait to see what happens next. Fantastic job on the story!

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The fact that you released this when i’m just getting back into my scandal addiction, I live!!! Also thank you for letting me live out my Olitz fantasy!


An affair with the First Lady, sign me up. Too bad there is no first son or first daughter added…

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I hope that I’m able to do your fantasy justice :smile:. I also hope that you enjoy all the coming updates.


@Eleana Great demo! And I liked the characters very much, up to the point where I got emotionally invested into them. Shame that it ended so quickly. While I was playing the stats were not changing. Is it normal for this stage of the demo? Also, is it possible to create save slots? I didn’t want to replay everything all over again to get other routes. It might be spoiler, but When it was said that we were once in a relationship with the president,
was it before his marriage or after? I hope that it’s the former, I wouldn’t like to play as someone’s mistress. Especially if I liked the interaction and all the affection between Christian and my MC.


I was reminded of my childhood memories of soap operas while playing the game,very nice


Lol. Unfortunately you may have to be someone’s mistress for it to be a “scandal”


Hi! I haven’t read it yet although I’m excited to as a fan of the show! However, if you have any interest in this being published, you may want to change the title / certain details to avoid copyright issues and law stuff! Just wanted to add that! :+1:t5:

:frowning_face: I was hoping that it was a scandal involving someone else. Hoping until the end. Nevertheless, it’s okay I still like the game :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: But the real reason we were called was because of an old aide who was blackmailing the president, right? I thought that it was the main reason of the game, but now that you mention it, yes, the MC has had an affair with the president in the past. But I’m curious if it was before his marriage or after it.

@Eleana is the stats screen not supposed to change variables? Or is it an error? I’m wondering of the reason for why my stats don’t change. It’s just in some games in early stages I still see changes.

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Omg I already love it gender locked female check an affair with the PRESIDENT double check​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love forward to more of it


My soul is now in your palm. I usually never took myself as someone who read cog with political genre… yours though? Give me some piece of that holy shit. Bookmarked and favourite!

Keep up the good work and stay save. Bless you!


The stats will be implemented in the coming update :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I’m an idiot with them sometimes and cause a bunch of other errors when I fiddle with them before I need to implement major changes. So I’m holding them off until I add chapter three/four (which will have great stat importance). I hope that’s okay :sweat_smile:.


I’m so happy that you like it :heart:. I can’t wait for chapter three/four to be done. It has a much larger scene with Quinn and Alcina, which I hope you all will enjoy.

Thank you so much for your kind words :purple_heart:. They mean the world to me.


I do not plan on publishing this for monetary value :sweat_smile:. This is just something that’s fun for me and I wanted to see be done for quite some time. Any money I could possibly make off of it would be from you guys simply supporting my writing (not that I’m asking any of you at all to do so).

Thank you for the heads up though :heart:. I appreciate it.


Oh no it’s okay don’t worry. I just thought that it was an error or something.


President Christian Anderson and First Lady Alcina Anderson.

Special Agent Quinn Matthews.

Stephen Beckett.


Holy moly those are gorgeous!!


Only Stephen is left which I should be updating the post within the next week, I believe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


Omg that art is so good!!! It all looks so great!

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