Save functions in app

Wouldnt it just make sense for there to be a save function in the apps so that of someone messes up they could go back and recityfy their mistake or why isnt there a go back button for when someone pushes the wrong button?

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May I point you here:

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Some games have a save function (Tin Star comes to mind), but by now it’s the decision of the author to implement such a feature. There also was a discussion considering a back button some time ago.

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Oh ok thanks for the links. On a completely unrelated note can there be an entire transcript of the game after you finish it. Like you pick an option and it just lists out the story youve been through like a novel?

I imagine you could in a way similar to how multi-book stories recap choices made in previous installments

I don’t think ChoiceScript itself support such feature.

However, nothing stopping the author to do it themselves.