Samuel Harrison Young's villains

So, I’ve written a lot of villains in my day. Some of them not so great, others much more compelling. Just for a bit of fun, I’ve made a poll so you guys can vote on which villains of my creation you thought were the most well done overall.

The list is made up of characters from The Magician’s Burden and some of my more developed WIPs: Mass Mother Murderer and The Enchanter’s Misery.

The range of these villains is very wide, too. Some of them are minor so far, like Cazius. Some of them have bigger rolls, like Edina. One of them, Blihja, is even an RO. And of course there’s MMM, where the biggest villain is the MC.


This will also help me in gauging what kind of villains I might want to create in future stories, or how I could improve on the current ones. Obviously, your opinions might start to change as my WIPs become bigger and bigger, but I kinda wanted to see your initial impressions of these villains, too, since that’s also very important.

Obviously, a poll can’t encompass all the nuances of a discussion like this, so feel free to leave comments if you would like to elaborate on your decisions.


I don’t think this requires a separate topic Sam. I’m glad your looking to be expand and improve your writing skills but I think you’re getting too loosey goosey with creating new threads. You don’t wanna spam the forum too much and bury others work, yknow?


Please put this poll on the various threads for your WIPs.