Romance and Sex in CoG and Hosted Games--how explicit is too expicit?


@Shoelip-- i’ve seen naked butts of kids run across rooms in PG and adults in PG-13. Nudity doesnt always = genitalia. But yes, bush or nipple tends to = R

and i agree. :wink:


I feel silly saying this, but I know of one movie of were there was boob action and it was pg-13. Romeo and Juliet 68 version, the morning right after they had sex.


Ive seen lots of movies in the public school system that are old and based of of asigned reading books that have nipples. the movies had to be pg13 to show in school


Well, I think pg-13 wasn’t invented until about the mid 80’s, right? I know I’ve seen some older films with semi-harsh language and mild nudity that were rated pg because of that.


@wolfwriter20-- i think you are correct in that.


@WayWalkerLeigh very interesting topic for discussion. As it has already been pointed out that Apple (Itune) tends to be very restrictive in what they will release when it come to sexual content. It seems if there is any descriptive actions in regards to detailing a sexual act that would get an immediate no to the work not being sold on their store.

A brief mentioning of what happened during the fade to black moment seems to be acceptable for the most part. Like you can lead up to the drunken debauchery of a toga party gone wild and wake up the next morning sore, naked, and exhausted. But leave out the cardinal acts of what ensued during the party and for the most part ITunes will not bat an eye, but might rate the story 17+.

What it comes down to this: Are you the writer feel that disclosing an intimate act to your audience is the right thing for the story. As @JimD said does it move narrative forward without being something extraneous and tacked on? Here is another thought for you to think on does the meaning of sexual encounter mean enough to you and the story itself to risk the loss of potential revenue from ITunes. Does the story itself become lessened if you were forced to cut that scene from your writing?

I tend to frown on censorship of any kind. For censoring lessens the work overall for it can never live up to its full potential, for some of the work lays upon the floor never to be seen or heard. Which to me means the work is incomplete.

Here is another twist upon this logic that must be added: Even though the protagonist and his/her romantic interests are between 14-17, this bodes the question about the audience in general. Since you probably will have demographic of varying ages. The romance should not be too intense for numerous apparent reasons. Due to their age, audience’s age, using characters that are under the age of majority can cause some slippery slope issues that I will not get into, but might be on some people’s minds.

I think I rambled on for long enough.


I very well could be wrong but I have bought books and adio books of of the apple store that had nudity and sex in them it would seem that if it was portraid as a book you could remove some if not all restriction


Yeah, books are art. Video games are children’s entertainment.


@Cagye_bee the problem with apple and all the other stores is b/c of the interactive portion of the CoG format, ie, being bale to make choices–they won’t ALLOW these to be marketed as books games only. which, in my mind, is a crying shame. :frowning:


With the way things work in the WW world (I think), a Way of Beleskie game could definitely work as a ‘side game’ to the main story, if you chose to do that. Learning about who you are via your sexuality can be a very nuanced lesson and your Guardian would be happy about that, yes?

That being said, WW part 2 should probably stick to makeouts as a minimal part of the story. Just to keep it accessible.


@Jessamyn --agreed. :slight_smile:


The book The Diceman does if quite well


@Mardam i’m not familiar with that tile. whats it about?


Just my two cents, but unless sex is somehow the focus of the game, a good lead in and lead out are enough for me, since my over-active imagination usually has very little trouble filling in the blanks.
So, again, unless the author wants to actually convey some important plot point by way of an explicit sex scene I’d say graphic descriptions of sexual acts are generally quite unnecessary. Ideally if the author wants to reward me for successfully completing a particular romance path I’d like some nice descriptions/scenes of,for example, dating and kissing the night before and waking up and maybe talking and cuddling the morning after.


@idonotlikeusernames --you never disappoint me with your solid advice, my friend. :wink: I’ve made some plans i think you’ll approve of.


The romantic in me is in wholehearted agreement with @idonotlikeusernames. Not only does that sound like plenty to show, it sounds quite lovely

Gah, you romantic, you…


I’m also inclined to agree with @idonotlikeusernames, on the condition that the scene serves a purpose, and doesn’t go too far down the romantic detail line that it either ends up being either too seedy or too sickly-sweet. A certain amount of reserve goes a long way in these matters.


@Drazen – i dont do well with sickly-sweet either, unless of course, that is a symptom of a particular character’s personality, and then, well, it’s really the reader’s call on whether or not it’s annoying. XD



no line. lines limit creativity. and theres always the warning thing for ppl that says only enter if 18 or older, that is if its warranted. that and theres always haveing two versions: a censored version and the uncensored version, kind of what they do with songs.