*restore pasword? What is it?

As you can see in the title, I was wondering what this was. Is it a save point type of thing or…

@Grapefruit I was looking around for something like this! Can you tell me how to set up a password save system? It would be much appreciated!

*restore_password is deprecated and no longer functions. It was for saving information from one game to the next. CoG no longer supports its use.


The thing is, -why- does CoG no longer support its use? I mean, what caused CoG to stop the support, when some sort of password feature is so important for properly testing a game?

As for why CoG no longer uses it. They now use the email based system for saving games that’s significantly better in every single way. They were never meant as user end tools, and so they aren’t built to be.

Did you play CoV or CoR when they first came out? Did you use the password system to save your game and move to the second part? That’s what *show_password and *restore_password did. They were never useful for testing. (Actually that’s not 100% true, more accurately, they were, AFAIK, never used for testing. There was some potential for them to be useful, but it required building a huge system for every game and could easily be replaced by more elegant methods.) If you don’t mind going into the .js files, supposedly everything is still there, it’s just been commented out. (Actually, *show_password isn’t commented out. Try throwing it into CJW’s IDE and see what it pumps out.)

And now that I think about it, I should get back to my guide, I could add a pretty good section about proper testing. There’s some interesting but quite simple tricks to pull more from random test.