[Resource] Please Break/Test/MakeUseOf my "Simpler Inventory System!"

got it :smile_cat: I am glad you clarified that for me

Yep, you can delete all the text so that it never actually TELLS you it’s slot 1. If you wanted!

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This looks brilliant! I can’t see myself using it for my current project, but I have ideas for future projects in which an inventory system like this would likely be invaluable. My only (not actually a real) complaint is that I can’t read “Your body slot is now open,” without at least smirking.

Also, I really appreciate the spacebar version, seeing as how iPads have some kind of vendetta againt tabs.


Ahh, coding and properly testing on an iPad… xD

So, you can replace all the text or labels, so instead of “body” you could use “torso” or something :laughing: really anything you can imagine. I will be posting a more extensive demo soon, where I demonstrate having more than 3 slots (body, arms, shoulders, legs, boots, hands).

Also, as a general notice, I’ll be making a more advanced setup with 99 inventory slots and item stacking, so you can carry 50 apples or 10 suits of armor (if you can carry that much weight!) Oh yes, weight support is coming too!

This other system is more advanced and optional, but it fundamentally changes what already exists, just as a heads up.

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EDIT: Hey guys I’m adding this as an additional tool, it’s a more complex “weight-based” inventory system, let me know if there are any bugs!



Hello. I just discovered this website, and I am very excited. I did the demo, and your system looks amazing. Probably a dumb question, but how do I add this into an existing game?

So basically you can download the entire file set, and either start your game with it, or copy the text from startup.txt into your own startup.txt file, and then add the other scenes in with your other files.

My startup.txt creates the variables, and other scenes perform the actions. You can change the startup variables or delete them, but use them as a template for adding items that are unique to your game.

I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear, I can try explaining again if you need help!