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I’m going to enter a ChoiceScript game into IFComp. But now that I’m seeing the compiled version – I’ve been using CSide – I notice that there is a blue link at the bottom of every single page saying “Make your own games with ChoiceScript”. It’s ugly, distracting, unnecessary, and a way to lose all of your progress when you accidentally click it instead of the Next button. So my question is: how do I get rid of it?

If you are exporting your game as an html file, you can simply open it with a text editor and delete this line:

<a href="">Make your own games with ChoiceScript</a>

(It’s near the end of the file).

This will remove the link from all pages.

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Thanks, that works!

For convenience, as I’ll probably be uploading updated versions with some regularity, is there also a way to make sure that this line does not get added in the first place?

It’s part of the compiler, I believe. If you know what to tweak in the ui.js (or somewhere else), it shoud get rid of it for good. Otherwise, you have to rely on manually deleting the code in the .html file.

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With CSIDE, I assume that removing it from source/compile_tail.txt would work, but then you’d have to build from the source code.

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Thanks! Sounds like removing the link manually is the better option for me now. (The .js files are, as far as I can see, not editable within CSide; and I’m not quite ready to start building the IDE from source.)

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It would, but mistakes are liable to completely break all your compilations. I.e. do so at your own risk! :laughing:

CSIDE definitely doesn’t support editing JS files full stop, and most certainly doesn’t allow you to modify the included copy of CS. Though again, it’s possible to hack around this, it’s definitely not something we’ll be able to support.

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