Relationships in regards to personality

When it comes to romances/friendships are there particular personality types/character stereotypes that you prefer to see and interact with in CoGs? Or does it more depend on how fleshed out and well constructed the character is

Also are there any sexualities that you think tend to get a stereotyped character in CoGs whenever they appear (like a flamboyant gay man, or a dashing knight)

I prefer a character who fears a story can be a cold knight but quw over time we know it is cold, may be an innocwnte princess but that has a dark side, those who have seen the anime akame ga kill or overlord would fall in love for once an NPC with that personality

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for me…it’s kinda the opposite . Too many cliché streotype . I’m craving UNIQUE characters , one that I can fall for and say ‘OMG THEY ARE JUST SO UNIQUE! NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!’’ y’know .

y’know like…why the lesbian has to be roguish ? where is that pristess or that knight that wanna wrestle me in a tavern ?

and the farm boy-aka the guy next door (or girl next door) down to earth , nothing special about them…save for them being utterly boring…with that boyish-girlish look and feel like that brother or sister…that become a king and queen in the end…and be kind and generous and will remmeber you forever…

I watch Fear Thy neighbor , and let me tell you : the guy or gal next door can be scary like hell too!!! :rofl:

Something unique , for exemple the character of Kreia in Kotor 2…was one of a kind . But you have zillions of Malak from Kotor 1 .

when it come to friendship or romance , my one downer is mostly : DONT TELL ME YOUR LIFE STORY all the time . I mean background are important . But sometimes it can also be used to make an interesting character into a downer . Yeah I get it…you have a sob story ! But so does my character . So I say…for exemple in a friendship path , it would be nice to have an exchange instead of just ‘hear my story and where I grow up’ and you pat them on the head .

it’s very frustrating , especially if the story lead you from the background to the actual goal .


If I’m getting your question right then your asking what kind of personality i like to see in ro? To be honest it doesn’t matter to me as long the ros are well developed(though i do tend to favour the nice or tsundere kind of characters when it comes down to it.)

Also when it comes to stereotypes i usually just ignore any game with them in it(even if the creator was gay or straight themselves). Luckily i haven’t really seen any games with sexuality stereotypes.

I know there are games with stereotypes like the aggressive straight male, the feminine gay male or the promiscuous bi but those are mostly Japanese games (which is a whole different culture with different problems.) And the only game i’ve played that had stereotypes like that was DA:I(which isn’t a if game.)but I’ve never seen these stereotypes on COG.

I’d like ROs whose personality similar to Monika and Yuri in DDLC, but not that extreme like in DDLC.

But, that might be fun if someone who’s innocent looking and shy, would self harming themselves for a pleasure seeking caused by their own unbearable crush on MC


Alright. I got a lot of babble built up on the subject, so here I go.

I have yet to see a COG that gives full appeal to the things I actually want to see. And this is just my mind talking freely like always but…

How come it’s never been an option to get an Orc warrior girlfriend? All in all, there is almost no games where very feminine men are actually a thing. I guess, the idea is that it avoids stereotypes…but…honestly, it’s my preference when relating to men.That’s all there is to it. I like long haired and soft over rugged and manly men. I’m perfectly aware it’s contradictory to the thing preceding it but…there you go. :man_shrugging:

It’s always some long blonde haired elf in fantasy settings. Or a princess. But guess what? It’s boring. I don’t care. Even a little. Sera from Inquisition really sucks. I’m sorry. But I said it.

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  • In my opinion, it significantly depends on how the character is depicted.
    For instance, normally, I have soft spot for a caring and sweet RO, but the nice ones are usually boring if they’re not built well. Like Nat in Wayhaven. At first, I liked his route, of course, but he’s so nice and there was nothing special about his characteristic compared with the others. However, in the end, it revealed that he has a dark secret somewhat, and that, combines with the sweet part, makes him the most interesting one. Or Flint in A study of steampunk. He’s insensitive and little weird LOL but I love him anyway.
    Besides, a lovable RO usually gains popularity with many players and it can’t be said that that RO is suit everyone’s personal taste.

  • No. I’m not fond of the idea of applying stereotypical sexualities. It’s predictable and boring.

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I think the well using of stereotypes is important for making lovable ROs,it’s the quickest way to make a character recognizable and easy to connect to.But to make them really memorable,you have to bend them a little,give them some character and traits both unique and believable.
For myself,I don’t think I have a strong prefer to a certain kind of personality(Unless nonhuman is a personality).But I do have a weak point for “bad" characters,not evil or bad boy kind of bad,just bad person kind of bad,like manipulative,self-centered,self-destructive,etc.
Maybe it’s just a phase,my taste changes all the time :expressionless:

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I find I’m usually drawn to fun, quirky characters with a sense of humour. I think the kind of characters that I like the least are the characters that are nice, attractive… and there’s literally nothing else to them.

I’m sure you’ve seen the type. The author will spend a lot of time describing how attractive the character is, then they’ll rescue a kitten from a tree to show off how nice they are, and the rest of their time in the game is spent being the perfect RO for the main character, with no other goals, interests or motivations besides getting the RO to fall in love with them (bonus points if it’s a prince or princess.) :yum: