Recovering games from app purchase

I used to read these on ios, I have bought a lot of these games and at one point I was buying almost every new release off of both the CoG app and Hosted Games app. My ipod where I read these on broke awhile ago, so I downloaded the app on my android phone. I have been trying to recover games but I bought them from the app (and off of the ios app store before the app was created) not from logging in the the website.

Is it still possible to recover?

Do you have your receipts from making those purchases?

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How do I recover deleted app purchases?

From the main screen, go to the in-app Settings or Shop section. You should find a Restore Purchases (or Restore) option there. Tap it to begin restoring your in-app purchases. If you’re unable to restore your in-app purchases, you should contact the app developer for further assistance.

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I think the ios email records my purchases. I will check.

Edit: yes looks like I have the receipts for my purchases on my icloud email.

Yeah i tried that, but seems like you can only recover games bought off the website. I didnt log on to the website to buy, I bought them off the appstore and then the single app after that was created.

I recommend contacting They should be able to help you.

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