Recommended WIP's: Consolidation Thread

Any recommendations for games with poly routes with all female ROs? Ideally with a male MC, but if I need to play a FeMC, that’s also good.

I know of Fallen Hero, The Soul Stone War, Fernweh Saga, The Mage Reborn and Sword of Rhivenia already.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wayhaven chronicles, you can choose all RO as F or M

My WiP (The One Chosen) will let you poly-romance Xiulan and Dahlia together, no matter what your MC’s gender is.


Hi, my WIP (Next in Line), has love triangles. You can flirt with all ROs, spend time, etc, but there will be drama, especially if you do this between F and Felix (who are siblings).


Awesome. I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Hi! :wave: Shameless self plug, but my WIP (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Ch 5: 10 Nov 2023)) has love triangle content—although as we are so early into the story there are only hints of it as of yet :heart:


not sure if this is the right thread to post in, but does anyone know if there’s a wip featuring faeries or pixies? i know faerie’s bargain lets you play as one, and there’s also a feature of them in midsummer night’s choice but are there any more? thank you!

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The ones I know are The Odessa Dating Games & The Changeling Exchange

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Hi , How are you all?
I just wanted to know if anyone can recommend me some romance wips that are nearly completed ?


Is there any game here, either already published or in development, either as a CoG or a HG title, involving or expanding upon the story of Peter Pan?

And would anyone here be interested writing any such story?

I’m not certain if it’s still being worked on (the last message on the tumblr page was 2 months ago). But you can check this one out:

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Looks intriguing, but it’s only a sample game with only three or four possible choices.

Let’s hope it developes further.

But, meanwhile, thanks for the reply.

Definitely world war 2 armored warfare for anyone who want some historical military game by @AllenGies you can check his profile for the game link. I don’t know he still active or not but yeah let’s just play what we got



So I have tried a lot of COG recent games, I am a lover! I was wondering which are pretty long COG games that are still active (even if only on patreon)


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Still working on this. Wanted to get the entire draft out this time so that there is less of a piecemeal testing issue for the later game. Could take a few more months. But glad to hear people, and you, are still interested.


Of course I’m interested. Tin star is my first choice of games, so your writing style have special place for me :+1::smiling_face:

Stay healthy

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If you are interested in micromanagement, you should check out Life As A Ruler:Nexus Island.
The third part of the demo is being currently worked on:The Coronation

.As for now it contains interesting features, if you don’t like micromanaging this one is not for you.


welp just finished the current wip I love to smack the panzer III’s

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Then you’ll like the last chapter. The possible fight there is… complicated and tough.

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I find it hard to to know which WIP I am exactly interested in. This is not because I don’t know what would like to read, but because it’s hard to know what a certain WIP is all about by just looking at it’s title. I tend to look for playable demos by just looking at it’s title, this way I try to discern what it could be all about without looking at the summary. I find myself skipping WIPs because their title isn’t interesting enough for me to click them.

Bottom line: There are folks like me out here, ones who tend to like a game by it’s title like Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, rather than Zombie Outbreak. I have resorted to this kind of format writing, so that fellow forumers can state what a certain WIP is all about, all this based on what they have experienced in the demo, not what the Author states in their WIP summary. Some authors tend to say for example their game is about survival, but when you get to play it you find out that it doesn’t feel that way.

Here is an example:
#The Thousand Of Us.

  • Survival
  • Customizable Superpowers
  • Post-apocalyptic Earth-world
  • Fun and thrilling to play. My feelings about it.
  • Keep it short

You can add more like humorous if you found it so / or other things worth mentioning.

That is an example of one WIP I skipped for many days, coz the title didn’t get to my interest.

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