Ranking system?


I am thinking of adding a ranking system that shows how you ‘compare’ to the others to the higher ups.

would this be possible considering the ranks would need to change depending on the players choices.


Anything’s possible… But what do you mean - exactly - would it be an online leaderboard thing, or merely rank your local performance at the end of the game?



It’d be a local performance throughout the game. You start at the bottom but go up ranks completing cases but also can drop a rank for failing a case or performing poorly.


There’s pros and cons, I mean, no one likes being told they’ve or are doing badly. It takes the sense of achievement away. On the other hand it’s nice to have a reflection and see where you went wrong and how you could improve on a second playthrough.

But yes, of course it’s possible. Wizard’s Choice ranks the player at the end of each chapter.


What I’m thinking of is something like this…

  1. Scarlet
  2. Austin
  3. Lakota
  4. Victor
  5. Craig
  6. Matthew (MC)

This means to the S.R.T. I am one of the lower ranked members, however in my first case I do well and save the victim. I then might jump up a rank so it looks like this…

  1. Scarlet
  2. Lakota
  3. Austin
  4. Victor
  5. Matthew (MC)
  6. Craig

I actually misread your previous comment it’ll be local but shows where you rank within the S.R.T. if you get what I mean?


A score variable right? So depending on the ending of the case you add to the variable for the ranking, a good case solution is +1 that bumps you up on the list while a bad rating is -1 that drops you and a neutral rating is 0?

I’m not familiar with choicescript but that is how I would do it if it were available.


If I’m understanding correctly, you are saying you want to assemble a list of actual players who have participated in the game, and how they compare to each other?

I don’t know if that’s possible, but what you could do is have something like a Bronze, Silver and Gold system where people who do the best get Gold, and then they can compare their ranking with others.

Obviously you could have more than just three levels, depending on the complexity of the game.

Actually, now that I think about it more, if you did some extra programming (possibly in JavaScript), you could have players submit their names and write to a file, then sort the names by ranking and display it to the player. I’m not totally sure how you’d do it, but it’s possible, depending on what kind of effort you want to put in to it.


@Nocturnal_Stillness, I quite the idea of being able to see your performance throughout the game. Adds a bit more depth as to where you stand amongst the other members of S.R.T.
Would this change any in game options? (As in, a low ranking member holds less authority, compared to being a high ranking member?)


actually i don’t think this is a good idea this might discourage people


Let me get this clear, would you be showing how well you have done compared to npc?


no options will change it will just show how the S.R.T. ranks you compared to their other members in Unit Gamma.


For ‘The Race’ I used a basic ranking system to determine your teams position. Mine was based on time and I used simple checks to set your position. If your time was lower than X minutes, you were in position A. Less than Y mins, you were in position B, etc. You could easily do the same with your ranking: Assign points at different parts of the mission and depending on how many points you have (a hidden variable) you rise or fall in rank.