Randomtest won't "show full text during game"

Hi forum! I’m having trouble with the browser version of randomtest. When I select “show full text during game” and start the test, nothing shows up. I get a completely blank screen. I’m using the most recent version of choice script. I tried firefox first, then chrome when that didn’t work. I tried changing the iterations from 100 to 10 to 1, same thing happens every time no matter what I do. I can run randomtest without checking the “show full text during game” box, just not after checking the box. I know I could use CSIDE to give me the average word count per play-through, but I prefer to not use CSIDE. Anybody now what I’m doing wrong or how I can fix this?

Edit: screenshots attached for funsies


rt1 rt2 rt3

What browser?

This is probably due to the recent clamp down on local security in Firefox (Chrome has never worked).
You might need to install + run NodeJS to get these running properly (see: Choice Script Changes To Run Tests With Firefox ver 68 ( See Post 12 & 31)), or use CSIDE.
In the meantime if you open your browser’s console (usually F12), and post any errors you have there, that will help to confirm.