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Hi so I’m trying to make a scene where you go on a journey for 7 days and on each day there is a random option that occurs. For instance nothing happened today, or you found something on the side of the road. Now I know that’s possible,but along with that I want to disable that thing after it occurs so instead of 7 thing that could occur, there would be 6. If I need to word this different please me know thanks.

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When you say disable, what do you mean? That it can happen only once in a week?

Yeah kinda. So there’s 7 days and 7 different things that could happen throughout the week and once you exhaust one of the options you only get 6 the next day and the 5 and so on

I would say, and I’m no master of choicescript. have a true/false variable for each scene lets use this for example (SceneOneUsed). whenever you get that scene, after your choices it sets it to true. and whenever you get a scene picked it checks to see if its been use, if it has then it rerolls.

to roll/randomize stuff you should use the *rand. to learn more about it heres the choicescript wiki page for it https://choicescriptdev.fandom.com/wiki/Rand

have each scene corresponds to a number so SceneOne = 1.

This is how I would do the code

*temp scene 0
(This variable  is used to check what scene is picked)
*label sceneroll
*rand scene 7
(it gets 1)
*if scene = 1
 *goto scene1

*label scene1
*if scene1used = true
 *goto sceneroll
 (whatever the scene is)
  #(whatever the Choice is)
    (effects of choice)
    *set scene1used true
    *goto sceneroll

I hope that makes sense

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Ok I’ll give it a try thank you


Its like This? :point_left:t5:

If yes. Here Is The Code Its pretty tricky to
shuffle an array of nonrepeatable keys. but it can be done with the help of strings.

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