Question about Trans Characters

As a cis woman, I have little to no experience about what trans individuals go through. However, as a writer, I believe that it’s my responsibility to represent majorities and minorities fairly and accurately. Thanks for enduring my mini soap box.


The more I think about this one character of mine, the more I realize that they identity as the opposite gender of their birth sex. As a successful CEO of different products, they don’t introduce themselves to strangers, especially potential business partners, as transgender because they don’t think it’s worth calling attention to something that could potentially come off as “not normal” to others. To them, their identity is normal, but they recognize that others will immediately come to the conclusion that it’s not normal because of what the existence of the label “trans” and “cis” implies. Which is, if you use the label, then you’re not “normal”.

Could I get some feedback for this character?

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