Question about modding and distribution of COG/HG

I remember asking this a while ago, but still wanted to clear some stuff up.
For example, is it legal (or at least, does COG mind) to mod the games, but for personal use (after paying for the game and contents (E.g. IAP’‘s that give extra points)
What does COG think of sharing an unmodded version, meaning their (COG & Author’'s) work is effectively given for free?
And lastly, what about people / sites that distribute the whole game, modes, for free?

Just to clarify, my intent with this is two-fold, to see firstly the opinion of COG’s audience (that’s you guys! And me!) to see what they think of this.

For example, I personally feel as if modding a game you have bought is okay, as long as it’s for personal use only, and excluding scenarios in which you use modding to bypass IAPS (e.g. more money which can be bought, getting a special item you have to pay for)

Although some stuff is cut and dry, yup that’s allowed or not allowed, things like letting your friend borrow your phone to play the game, that could be different. Or sharing a modded version you’ve made, but which doesn’t contain the full game (as in, up to the demo, and after the reciever would have to purchase the whole thing)

And secondly, I know a few sites/ places where COG games are distributed for free, as full games and modes full versions, and wanted to know whether this would be helpful and actionable information to be given to COG (as I assume they already know this is happening, due to the high search engine placement these sites get.)

Sorry for any mistakes/ astoundingly terrible spelling-- I am typing this on my phone.

So the last 2 things are basically piracy? geez man, no need for ambiguity.

As for modding, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing illegal about that but don’t quote me, companies have different policies on that

Yeah, I’ll let actual staff answer the rest


Yes, I mean, I don’t know it for sure too. I don’t find anything wrong if you mod a game for personal use when you have already purchased it. But yes, I am not an expert.

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Yeah it’s less about what I do (which, for COG/HG is definitely legal) but about what others tend to do.
I’ve found a few sites where they distribute the whole game for free, a nodded (whole version) of the game, and in some cases a nodded demo, although it could be bad for games like ZE:SH where points are an IAP

Edit: My phone keeps autocorrecting to nodded, I mean Modded in all cases

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Yes, there are modified versions of the game(type modified maybe? (: ) where the skills/attributes can be also obtained through IAP. It’s actually rather easy to find it.