Question about how to start making game

Hello i am in the process of making a game and have decided to use choice script. I have a coding background but this is a new language for me. I want to randomize the choices based on both random chance and stats. Is that something that is possible? Also how do i define a variable?


This should answer most of your questions:

And welcome! And ask if you have any specific questions–this will get you started though.


Random chance is something you may want to stay away from. Especially if like me, you are just learning this stuff. You can do it, certainly, but it can cause continuity problems between scenes or some random errors if done wrong.

For myself, I am very much a visual learner and it has helped me a great deal to use a choicescript SDE. Basically a program that helps you write the game/code.

There are two out right now on the forums.

Chronicler is the one I am using currently. It has allowed me to build a game very rapidly.

The other is CSIDE.

I have not really tried it but some people love it!

See which one works for you.


Im getting stuck on how to structure the code and files. Like where do the codes go? What doc type and how do you link them goether?


This part of the tutorial will talk about that:

In short, the easiest way to start is to download Choicescript (I assume you did that already) and then edit the “startup” file in something like Notepad. The “startup” file lives in the “scenes” folder that lives in the “mygame” folder that comes with Choicescript.

There will be a few sample files in there, but you can change them or delete them without fear of messing anything up.

I strongly recommend slowly working through the tutorial. There’s also a pretty robust wiki for Choicescript online. Just google “choicescript wiki.”