Question about badges on forums

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You don’t need a new topic for this question. I don’t know why Discourse didn’t issue you the badge you want. Reply to this with the post where your 1000 click link is and your post with 50 likes and I’ll look at it and try to issue you the badge you want.

Sorry for that and thank you.

The real answer as it turns out: badges don’t issue to posts in locked categories like Adult. We have to make changes to the back end of Discourse to make this work. I can’t just issue the badge to you.

Unfortunately, this requires someone other than me to fix and I’m sorry to tell you it’s fairly low priority/non-mission critical right now. We’ll try to get it done soon.

I posted my topic at the hosted games/works in progress category at first back in oct, then moved it in the adult section a month after and I didn’t get any badges then, even the 25 like badge.

But, I understand I just wanted to know. Thank you.

I don’t know what to tell you about the badges not being issued earlier, but after contacting Discourse support, they’ve made it clear that we really have no ability to issue badges for achievements in what they call “secure non-public categories.” Like Adult.

In their words: Badges are only awarded on public categories / topics and this is deeply embedded into the design.

As I said, I can’t speak to why a badge was not issued while your WIP was in a public category, but there’s nothing more I can do about it, unfortunately.

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Ya - nothing any of us can do about it :frowning:
Discourse is not my favorite back-end support … and I am leaving out a lot by saying that :slight_smile:

So do you lose trust by not being on for a long time or can you be permanently marked as untrusted?

Your user level is affected by your useage; yes you can go down in user level from inactivity

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Just something I thought I should mention to you as well Mary, it looks like badges you have on threads prior to being locked gets removed from your profile. I say this because I used to have alot of ‘nice reply’ badges and even got my first ‘good reply’ badge from threads discussing the Infinity Series. When @Zeroken09 mentioned his issue, I went to check my profile, just for curiosity and noticed both a decrease in number in my ‘nice reply’ badges and my ‘good reply’ badge gone. Once you mentioned about the badge not being issued on locked threads, I put 2 and 2 together.

I know, as you said, there’s nothing you can do on your end. Just thought it was worth bringing up to your attention.

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I’ve noticed that I still have the regular tag (badge? signifier?) even though I’m not a regular anymore, and I have no way of removing it or changing it in any of the preferences menus. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

Screenshot of Issue

Have you tried to check preferences > account > title?

I’ve checked but the option simply doesn’t show up for me?

Maybe it is hidden in mobile, might try to log in with a pc later.
But why am I getting a vibe that, you mean regular as not a trust level but in it’s real meaning. I should probably assume you know it already but, you might be fulfilling the requirements for regular trust level without being aware of it.
(3) Regular Trust Level

Also the 2-week grace period might be the reason behind?

I’ve tried it on the Desktop View mode and it still doesn’t show up. And I also haven’t been on the forums for about a year so I’m guessing it isn’t the two-week grace period for the Regular trust level :sweat_smile:

Anyway, it’s not actually a severely pressing issue for me but I don’t like misleading people or forum bugs. :sweat_smile:

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Oh, that is unusual. When i checked the admin page for your account, it actually does say you’re only at trust level 2. You shouldn’t have the Regular title, and as you said, you don’t have any option on your preferences page to change it. :thinking: It’s entirely possible that this is simply a bug in the system, in which case only an update to the Discourse software might reset it.

But just in case it is fixable by some simpler measures, @EclecticEccentric do you mind if we take this to PMs?


Well, time to earn back that badge, I suppose.


Oh yeah, for posterity’s sake: the issue was simply that the title of ‘Regular’ was still attached to their account and simply had to be removed via the admin page.

If anyone else notices that they still have the Regular title without the status or privileges that come with it and you want it removed, just go ahead and send a pm to the moderators. :slight_smile: