Pseudo set protagonists exist even when not picked?

Hey my fellow CoGgers. I have been unable to fully work on my projects due to a fire at my home which destroyed my Pc and my laptop as well as a lot of other things. My family was fine so I’ll dwell on that no more.

Now due to the free time I’ve had I was thinking about one of my planned projects wip title Rookfall. In this game there were several places for the player to be from. Thinking of this I had the idea to make all of them actual characters so for example if you chose to be from city A in the game you’ll meet an npc from city b and another from city C so you’ll get to see the kind of person you could have been.

Would something like that interest you?


Yes, but maybe add something to it…

I would come up with set characters who would assume the slot if the player doesn’t choose them.

For example if the player doesn’t choose to be a Synir a young man called Kale would be in the game likewise if you don’t choose to be from Valea the Garrison captain would have a Daughter called Maya etc

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Sounds good, maybe have 3 set characters from each place that randomise, if it’s not to much hassle.

I like that idea very much. Sounds very interesting.

I agree with @Nocturnal_Stillness. I’d make them set for the most part as far as gender, name, and personality so that you really feel like that’s a person who you could have played as.

I’ve never minded set characters, and I think truthfully, the people here ask a bit much of authors. And that’s not coming from me as an author, but me as a forum dweller

I like both @Nocturnal_Stillness’ original idea and @NukeboomV2 proposal.

@Nocturnal_Stillness Will the player be able to modify the MC? For example, if the MC is from Valea, could they be something else than the Garrison captain’s daughter?

I like this idea. Especially if having someone from each place is important for your plot.

(Actually, isn’t @Sashira doing something like this in Monsters of New Haven High?)

So sorry to read about the fire – and so glad to hear the family’s ok.

I’m so sorry to hear about the fire. Glad to hear that you and your family are okay though.

I think having all of those protagonists exist is certainly an interesting idea. There’s no reason not to try it out.

How it would work is simple the player can choose to be from one of several places. Let’s do an example using two possible homes Valea and Enal.

Player 1 picks Valea, they can choose the first name, gender, sexuality etc all that is set is the surname and the fact their mother is the Garrison’s Captain . They will meet Kale a young Synir who will be apprenticed to one of the Garrison’s Synir.

Player 2 picks Enal, they can choose the first name, gender, sexuality etc all that is set is the surname and they are apprenticed to one of the Garrison’s Synir. They will meet Maya who is the daughter of the Garrison Captain.

Hopefully this makes things a bit more clearer.


I like the idea, this way you might get people to replay it just to see how different it would have been with just one choice, like where you were born, or something in that direction.

Love the idea so much that I’m (kinda) using it m’self already in my CScomp entry. So basically I’m saying, go for it- I think it’s great subversive reality there, playing with MC-to-NPC switches.

Yep, for my five character types, four become NPCs if you’re not playing them. All are also dateable (if you’re into their gender and personality; except for one shapeshifter who appears as male or female depending on preference, these NPCs stay the same.)

Each PC class has the option of mimicking the NPC (eg they can look the same and have similar attitudes.) Or they can create and play that character as someone totally different (besides species.)

The character classes also have individual goals and problems, which the NPCs share. The goblin is off making a robot, the demon is throwing a party, and so on.