Proxies, a start to a long series

(Warning foul language will appear in finished product)
I’m not looking to get this game officially published, as I don’t believe anybody should profit from tropes which are not their own. But, I am willing to share links once the game is far enough into development to be playable.

What kind of story is this - what is the premise? It’s a mostly horror-based premise involving several possible paths, each of which will provide an ending, for a starting project, my goal is rather big, but I’m fairly confident I can do it.
Will we be able to choose our gender, including NB (non-binary choices)? Yes, I plan on giving players a wide variety of options, and, if possible, an ability to add in their own gender.
Will we be able to shape our character (appearance and personality) or is it more set in stone? The MC will have plentiful traits which can be shaped by your options. Some of the base things are hair-color, eye-color, skin-color, and height.
Will it have romance and if so, who? Yes, this story will contain numerous love routes, some of which harder to access than others, almost any character you meet will have a path where they can be romanced, aside from younger characters.
What kind of feedback are you looking for? Feedback on misspellings, bugs, and smaller issues will be greatly appreciated once I release the BETA, as I’d like to make it highly enjoyable for those who do come across it! <3
I hope this helps!

(DISCLAIMER: I do not own the FANDOM or the characters showcased in this interactive story, all credit goes to their original creators! <3)

I have no desire in selling this, or even getting it placed onto Steam, I’m happy enough to know it’s out there, this, will, of course, be my update log for the game!

Currently added features: Version 1.0.

VERSION 1.0 contains:

A functioning naming system, (Thanks to the people on this website)
A finalized dream sequence.
Around five scenes, albeit, it’s extremely short.

Finished character design (Planned for 1.1)
Interaction outside of the dream. (Planned for 1.1)


Currently working on:
Bug fixes for 1.1,
Different openings if you pick different ages.
Memorability rating (I.E, if you commit a crime, you’ll be more likely to be remembered. Essentially ramping up the difficulty.)
Adding User-inputted pronouns.

I see you’re a relatively new user here - welcome!

People use this forum to share works in progress and it usually a good idea to write a description of what your game is about and what it offers to the players. Merely writing a list of disclaimers and technicalities isn’t a very good way of luring people in.

What kind of story is this - what is the premise?
Are there any special features or mechanics you want to mention?
Will we be able to choose our gender, including NB (non-binary choices)?
Will we be able to shape our character (appearance and personality) or is it more set in stone?
Will it have romance and if so, who?
What kind of feedback are you looking for?


Youre absolutely right, I’ll add that in now, sorry!

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So teens… can’t be gay? But they can be straight?

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I’ve made it so younger chars cannot pick sexuality, not teens, I have the ages divided into set groups, so 15+ is when those options would be added in, not 18. I’ll change that message as it’s also conflicting, sorry for the confusion.

So children are all automatically straight?

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You have a choice between straight or ace as 12-15, as romance cannot occur through these ages anyway.

So you can be heterosexual… as a teen… but not gay… or bisexual…

This is purely because the sexuality choices through this age range do not matter, I’m not saying that this is in any way bad. If you choose the 15-18 age range, you will encounter romantic situations based upon your sexuality preference.

Then why not make all teens ace or chaste by default?


Perhaps it would be best to clarify - this forum has a very open-minded and inclusive policy towards gender identification and sexual orientation. If you’re going to be including multiple pronouns or sexual preferences then it would be best to treat them as equal as possible. If you’re uncertain or bear little knowledge on certain topics, please feel free to ask!

In this case in particular, it may be for the best to not mention the character’s sexuality until later in the story (when they become adults). Right now, making them all straight may make come across as demeaning to those who are gay or bi. Which is why it’s iffy.

EDIT: As Laguz said, perhaps opt my making all teens ace or chaste until later?


That’s actually a good idea- thank you.

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I’m inputting this change right now, I honestly didn’t mean to make it seem that way.


image Any further preferences I should add?

Bisexual. :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, thank you!


Bisexual and pansexual are considered the same thing now under two different names, because “pan discourse” is going on where pansexuality as a concept has been decided as transphobic (long story).

Maybe bundle bi and pan together and add an undecided/questioning option instead.

Okay, thank you! I don’t know much about this subject, so I’m thankful to receive help.

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Horror doesn’t suit my tastes, but feel free to PM me if you need any help regarding subjects such as LGBT things. Good luck.