Proxies, a start to a long series

What’re the gender neutral pronouns? I know there’s They/Them, but I thought there was another one.

Alright, thank you!

Might be better to code in an option that allows the user to input their own pronouns, but aside from that singular they, xe/xem and e/em are the three most popular.

Alright, thank you a lot!

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Alright, new genders and a code to enter in your own pronouns have been added, and should be working. (Hopefully)

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Currently working outside of the game.

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Okay, great news! I’ve added what will be dubbed the “Diversity” update and fixed the UI displaying gender and age!

With the main issues with the stat page out of the way, the start of the story can now commence!

Hi @HeadUnderwater
I send you a PM to clarify if you just forgot the demo link. Thanks.