Problems creating stats


Hey Guys (and Gals)

I am working on a game, but I can’t seem to create any stats for it.

I used the following

*create Charisma
*create Stealth
*create Combativeness
*create Loyalty

I did this in the exact same place as the game create Leadership and strength stood. but i keep getting error msg when trying it out. Is there someone familiar with this issue, or should I code it differently?



You have to give it a value. Try:

*create Charisma 50
*create Stealth 50

And so on…


I tried that already before posting (sorry forgot to say so in my post), both 20 and 50 but still gave the same error


What is the actual error message?
Note that *create will only work in startup.txt if you rename that file or try to use a different one it won’t work.


Ah that actually could be the problem then,

In the scene list, I have renamed the scene startup with intro. could this be the issue

the error i get is line 4 : non existing variable charisma (charisma value 50)


*title The Academy
Basic Training
Advanced Training
First Mission

*create charisma 50
*create stealth 50
*create combat 50

copyright 2013 by Yanick D. Goossens


this is how it looks in my editor


You need to keep startup called startup.txt - it doesn’t need to appear in the ‘scene_list’ because it’s the startup.txt file in which you’re declaring the scene list (so it’s completely redundant).

Your formatting looks correct, I can’t understand why it’s throwing that error from the information you provided.

The only other thing you can do if you’re still having problems is to upload your game somewhere, so I can take a closer look.


Thanks for the help @CJW

I will try to start from a blank program again and see if it fixes the issue, if not I will msg you with a link to the game.