Problem with *If statments

I’m having a small problem with this code

Problem solved

It completely ignored the If (skirt = true) part even if the requirements are met.

Put the *if (skirt = true) on the same spacing as “You calm yourself before going downstairs…”, and add spacing for every subsequent line afterwards.

Could you show me what you mean…

*if (underwear = false)
  You calm yourself before going downstairs hoping no-one notices your lack of undergarments. [i] You are wearing ${pants}${skirt}${shorts}[/i]
  *if (skirt = true)
    Your family looks at you with horror as they notice your lack of undergarments they demand you go back upstairs and change.
      #You refuse.
        The dining room goes silent as everyone shifts a fidgets awkwardly until a cough breaks the silence.
        *goto ko1
      #You silently walk upstairs.
        *goto nextl

It still ignored the second *if (skirt = true) piece

Make sure you used correct command.

*set skirt true

instead of

*set skirt "true"


Just a tip, it’s actually more helpful to leave the original code in your original post rather than editing it out so that other users with the same issue can find this topic easier. :grin:

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