Present or past tense preference in Interactive fiction

Sorry, if the topic has been discussed elsewhere.
Most interactive fictions are written in present continuous tense. Does it depend on writers or is it a norm for interactive fictions? Which one do you prefer?
Personally I am very comfortable with past tense (influence of books, I guess) but after reading couple of Interactive Fictions, I am kinda divided between the two.

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I like present. It’s suitably immersive. Past keeps me at a certain remove that I don’t really love.

Maybe we should be open to the weirder tenses, too. Future perfect continuous!

"You will have been exploring the cave, when a vampire bat will have been swooping from the darkness!

What will you have done?"

Ok, maybe not.


If the protagonist is a Precog, why not?! :smiley:

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Damn it, now I want to write a story about a time manipulator with limited range who can swap back and forward in the timeline of the story by a choice forward or back with every choice, manipulating events.


I will have had called dibs on crafting the prose in the future pluperfect if you write it!

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Extra auxiliaries can be extra fun…

I will have been going to keep being about to have used to start finishing a total mess :grinning: