Possibly Controversial idea (The Youth of Andrew Jackson)

Crockett was the Jacksonian politician he was Jackson part of Jackson’s Entourage. He passed a lot of Jackson’s bill but he not was fan of his “land reforms”. And also he stop Jackson from killing his would-be assassin. That’s an entirely other ridiculous story of Americana right there but it happened.

The only info I could find on Crockett and Jackson relationship was a document written by Crockett in wich he treat Andrew Jackson as a wannabe king who think he know the constitution more than anyone so I only get bad vibes from this relationship. Would be nice if you could give me your sources.


Andrew Jackson was a legit BAMF. I’d be very interested to play a game based on his rather fascinating life.

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They where friend and political allies. Until he started pushing the Land Reform bills. Things Jackson was one of the most powerful president domestically. He hold the powerful power base in Washington where he could literally break people’s political career or make them. Crocker view the reform act as tyrannical. Now I gotta figure out it was base on a ethical ground or did he actually have a relationship with the indigenous population in Tennessee. It could be both. Many people from Tennessee are very proud to have a claim both on Jackson and Crockett.

But I just want to read about it. Do you have any sources I could look up.

I don’t think you’re right about that. Specifically, I don’t know how you could announce a game in which you play a character who commits genocide, without expressing that it’s worthwhile, even fun, to play a game in which you commit genocide.

We live in a world where people think that we should commit genocide, and who communicate their ideas mostly through coded language. Just last week John Carpenter was forced to clarify in a tweet that his classic anti-capitalist horror film, “They Live,” is not about Jews secretly controlling the world.

The response in replies to the tweet is mostly “yeah, right, we all know what you really meant.”

If you make a game in which you play Andrew Jackson and do what he did, and try not to glorify it, you probably won’t succeed in the eyes of many readers, and that likely includes members of the CoG/HG staff.

There are many thousands of other fascinating characters in history. Please, write a game about one of those people instead!


It is interesting and educational his early life can be fun. Where do you think he came to this conclusion where do you think this hatred comes from? Two of children were indigenous blood. How do you think a person justifies what they do to themselves when they do something horrible why would I shy away from because then you’re robbing them of their Humanity. And Jackson isn’t completely demonize in American culture and he is still idolize. Because the man’s a walking contradiction. And had huge political influence and his era it still affects this nation and our political system today. That is an important interesting and indeed controversial figure. So you gotta ask yourself why is he such a polarizing figure because that sounds like great writing material right there.

Literally almost everyone is telling you not to do this and that even if you do decide to do this you’ll be on your own and will have to pay for it because of publishing requirements for the company

and you’re still trying to defend it on the grounds that it’s “educational” and “he adopted two native children so his committing genocide is fine”

listen: no matter how educational this game might be, no matter how realistic, whatever, the company has just told you three times over it won’t host it because of rules on morality in their media because of who you’re representing, not how. fighting for “jackson was an interesting dude” will not help you now.


They were political allies up until 2 and reforms and they did know each other. If Jackson was good at anything it was to you picking competent individuals when came to his army.

I asked for sources. At this point I want literaly nothing else dont answer if you’re just going to repeat the same stuff over and over again.


I was thinking of a biography of reading. The relationship was not clear Crockett served under Jackson in the creek War his Invasion Florida. Mind you I read tht biography good year ago so I am rusty. Between Google and Google Scholar and some other search engines all I’m saying is a form of political rivalry over the Indian Removal Act and then being used by Whigs. I’m not finding any clear relationship beside this fued. Versus Sam Houston he was known protege of Jackson. I am was under the assumption since Crockett stop Jackson from beating the assassin to death, and he served under I him I assumed that their relationship was a bit more. It looks like I am wrong from the information I can find at the moment.

And same here so maybe it would be safe to assume that they might not have been as friendly as you claimed? I mean stopping him from beating a man to death in public and having served under him arent really the best thing to assume a friendship on. I’m ready to bet that a lot of soldiers dont alway appreciate their superior.


Crockett’s an interesting figure in himself that he did a lot of crazy stuff compared to someone like Kit Carson who him and Crockett or both Legends in there day. Crockett was charming and very good at self-promotion and storytelling. He literally charm himself in the public office. On top of the fact that he protested the Indian Removal and died in the Alamo which propelled him him into the pantheon of American cultural Hero. Then me look at some like it Carson who has Legend arguably destroy his life and put them in the position that no one should ever be in. Sam Houston and Jackson were close but I do wonder what term they where after the Indian Removal Act. Considering Sam Houston’s adopted father was the former principal Chief before Ross.

Sorry Rogar bb, it seems the idea has not taken hold with our less enthusiastic forum audience. Alas, what they say is true, and for now I believe it best to leave it be. You can always just send it to me if you decided to still make it.

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The forum seems mix in opinion. I need to get properly researching fo it anyway. My good friend thank you for your support I appreciate it deeply. And whenever I do you make it of course I’ll send it to you. Worst-case I may just turned this Otome game.

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Looool omg I would play that so fast.

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Late 18 century frontier romance!!!

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Wait, hold on, off-topic a bit. Does this mean Hosted Game accept erotica now? Cause the last time I ask, they said no.

The Apple store is what doesn’t accept erotica; you’ll have a hard time publishing your work there if you go beyond “suggestive fade to black.” COG itself is fine with erotic content, as long as you’re not breaking their basic content rules (no glorifying rape, etc.)

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It all depends to if he got into Jackson’s radar during the war. Then they would have a warm relationship. But that’s not clear and I would have read some biographies and find out. Look at Sam Houston he left with the Cherokee and 1829 married a chief niece, the only reason she didn’t go with him to Texas because she didn’t want to go to Texas. Houston had incredibly close relationship with the Cherokee and Jackson. I got to do some research but he apparently still love Andrew Jackson like a father until the day he died. Because you gotta remember to the removal policy headed two year grace period. And there was about two to three thousand Cherokee that left when they saw the writing on the wall Huston could have been among them. And I know he was close with that Chief Jolly. And the reason I can be so sure of this is he named one and his sons and you AndrewJackson that was born in Texas post removal. Maybe his relationship with Chief jolly already planted animosity to him with the current principal chief at time.