Possibly Controversial idea (The Youth of Andrew Jackson)

So would you guys be interested in playing game about the Youth of one of American most Controversial Presidents. To the American people Hero of New Orleans to his men Old Hickory, to his political enemies King William, To the Creek Nation Sharp Knife. Before being American first Demagogue, founder of the Democratic Party, Champion of The Common Man and Killer of Indians. Before all that he was angry insecure fatherless child of nine of Ulster stock where all his sibling where born. Growing up in the Wilderness of Waxhaws a Settlement of Squatters. That where the game will being on the Eve of the Revolution you will guide young Andy from the age of nine to twenty-one, through the hardest period of his life. Would you guys fine that interesting?


Umm… no, I guess?
I don’t… read history. Eventhough I’m not native American myself xD

Oh, unless there’s dark political practices that involves deceiving, lies, and probably guns.

This game being in the period of his youth when he was growing up wilderness settlement of Carolina’s, in the Waxhaws area and was constantly raided by Loyalist Troops because there strong resistant in said area. The game will end as he moves pass the Appalachians mountain as greenhorn Frontier Lawyer.

His youth very interesting and could great game of just building relationships and suffering. The player can mold some of his personalty during the formative period of his life.

There’s an audience for everything. Any game you want to make, if you’re interested enough to make it, you can be guaranteed that someone else will want to play it.

BUT if you name your thread “Possible Unpopular idea” instead of what the game is actually about, and have to ask if people will find it interesting, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

Personally I’m not interested. I don’t like historical games. I don’t have much interest in American history. But first and foremsot “possible unpopular idea” makes me think, nope, if it’s unpopular, then why would I be interested?

And where are the choices? If it’s based on history, then will you be able to change things? Or will you just be using this as inspiration and allowing us to have more influence on our character?


…No, not particularly interested, either.


I personally wouldn’t.

For me it comes down to several reasons;

gender-locked white male protagonist—I’m happy to play as male if it’s not locked. I understand that this is based on a historical figure but even so, I feel this is a narrative I’ve read/watched/heard a thousand times before.

’Killer of Indians’—You said controversial and no kidding. I’m not familiar with the history but the murder of native people is not something I find acceptable or remotely interesting if it’s not a balanced or thought-out exploration of consequences and forging a path to peace (redemption, that sort of thing).

Set in America—So I’m a little biased on this one. I don’t know if anyone else not born in America feels the same way but there is a lot of material set in America. A LOT.
To be honest it’s almost the equal of the ‘white male protagonist’ when it comes to fiction, with England a close second. I understand ‘write what you know about’ but it can get a little tiring unless the plot and story really drags me in.

Despite having said all this I don’t want to be discouraging. I think most games have an audience somewhere. If you’re bringing something fresh and original to the idea then it’s worth persevering.


there’s a lot of big holes in his early life because grew up on frontier. So I am going allow the player shape how he grows and trying not get hims killed or die some horrible way, but some aspect of his personally that will stay in this installment. Which his insecurity, which turn into ambition and his obsession with Honor. Even his late teens and Early twenties we do not known how much of party animals he vs some trying cultivated gentlemanly quaintly. [quote=“Laguz, post:5, topic:23174”]
.No, not particularly interested, either.

He had three children being guardian of six others two of his children where native American. He wanted send one to West Point. Complicated not does being to described that.

The Trail of Tears is his fault… yeah, no. Still not interested.


He was not President when happen but he does share blunt blame for good reason[quote=“OrigamiPencil, post:6, topic:23174”]
‘Killer of Indians’—You said controversial and no kidding. I’m not familiar with the history but the murder of native people is not something I find acceptable or remotely interesting if it’s not a balanced or thought-out exploration of consequences and forging a path to peace (redemption, that sort of thing).

It complicated to the say the least. For example start gain fame with the American public during the Creek Wars. He several different native allied with him Against the Red Sticks Ironically one them was the Cherokee. After the War over was over they got the raw deal for not policing the Red Sticks. Another strange aspect of the early Republic, eighteen year old Sam Houston was his army. Why because he the adopted son of one of the Cherokee War Chiefs, by this point he was living them for fives years

This game decades before any of this and depending on the player if can allow him to get control of his Anger and Pride, slowly push him to have more open mind. His relationship with could be quite different.

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In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate to an area in present-day Oklahoma. The Cherokee people called this journey the “Trail of Tears,” because of its devastating effects.

His fault, dude.


He was not the President when plan being enforced. His Successor could easily stop since SCJ said it was unconstitutionally.

It tragic sad and disgusting but at same time I want known rooted of that Hatred. Possible allowed player to stop before it take root.

None of this be focus of this game. That could be possible down the road.


I don’t think adoption lets people off the hook for crimes against others. In Australia we have the stolen generations (when the mixed race children of the indigenous people were forcibly “adopted” by white families—it’s horrific) so I can’t equate it to him being a good person. Again, I don’t know anything about this man other than what you’ve written so I could be mistaken.

I think something to be aware of is that to non-Americans most of this background and history is completely new. I have no idea who these people or groups you’re talking about are (Sam Houston, Red Sticks, what on earth are the Creek Wars?) so going ahead with this idea means you’ll need to consider how you make it appealing to an international audience.

Also, I personally don’t want to play a close-minded, angry and prideful character even if they’re a product of their enviornment because I can’t identify with them. If you’re keen on focusing on this historical figure maybe the PC can be his friend or sibling. It allows you some control over your own personality but will still give you access to his story. The reader can influence the future president’s path through their advice and actions.

Look, this is just an expression of my interest level so maybe someone else will tell you the complete opposite and share your enthusiasm. If you’ve got the passion and drive I don’t want to stand in your way, but I will give you my honest opinion, just as you asked.


The reason I pick them to begin with because he’s a controversial and trust and figure out but he also represents America so very well. He represents some of the most ideal aspects of Americans self made man but part of it was done on the backs of slaves. For for male suffrage anyone why not suffrage for all. Would die for this nation ten times over but yet has no problems with our early imperialistic exports. He represents a lot of good of America and a lot of it’s bad and the hypocrisy of this nation. He may not be likeable by some but he had an interesting character to play as. Because by playing as him I want you to the lease in the possibility of even in the realm help America going down it’s darker path. He stopped the Civil War happening early. there’s a whole era of American History named after him. That’s how romanticized and buy something but he also brought in the spoils system. This. Focus on his turbulent and early life for he Witnesses his family died. By the time he’s 14 years old is he an orphan a Veteran and former POW. By the time he is 21 he managed to miraculously make something of himself. Even with the gambling the drinking and partying he’s still trying to figure out the High Society of the Territories because it is action say anything he just really wants to be somebody in his youth.

Perhaps your idea would be better received with a written demo to showcase what you are trying to do.

Most people know as much about Andrew Jackson as they do Justinian … maybe less because not every culture studies American history…

And like Justinian, Jackson is both a positive and a negative to his society, so you are going to need to show how you want this reader-base interact within your story.

Not everyone shares the same views of Jackson also., even if they do know his history more then being a character in Choice of Vampire.


I want it to start on the eve of the revolution. I don’t know if I should start when it’s tearing up his life or it will slowly creep into it. But he was nine years old old at time. I’m also flirting with the idea of starting when he already in the Continental Army. I want the players to know and get emotionally attached to his familyso the loss is painful. Because I don’t know how I personally will handle being the age of 13 and seeing that much death.

If you begin with his life in the wilds - you can actually unlock the gender and you can then allow the reader explore some of the hard choices of being a settler in the wilds of North America Appalachia.

Make it a story about those things that shaped his core as a “Western Frontiersman” and not a part of the eastern establishment.


I think that any game should be about choices, it’s ok to set the game in any period or place but if we wanted to read a story or biography then we would pick up a book. If we can influence the story, even to the point where you do not do all the nasty things or not become president then it might be interesting. There is nothing worse that playing one of these games only to find that no matter what choices you make it ends the same way.


That is fanatic idea show evolution from wild child grown-up on frontier and trying to survived as young adult, eventually turning into a frontier “gentleman”. excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by unlocking the Gender?

Can you give me an idea maybe we should be able to play his parents in the beginning as you’re trying to carve out a living in a completely alien land. To get player right mind set. The first part of the game your management resources trying to survive and keep you and the children alive.

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I want to give you choices in the realm of plausibility. I could lead him to leading a humbler life. There are many moment where his life could turn out differently.

Allow the reader to play as a female or male - a frontier-woman was and is revered just as much, if not more then a frontiersman … Playing his mom might be a great origin’s story. If I remember, there was specific reasons his dad was out of the picture early.

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