Possibly Controversial idea (The Youth of Andrew Jackson)

I believe he had 3 gentlemens duals and he won them all so, he killed three people. He got the bullet removed later in life, but I’m pretty sure by that point the death of his wife made him too bitter to make a difference.

Now, I’m pretty sure he was rebellious by nature, considering he eloped with his wife before she divorced her husband. But, you never know.

(I’ll have you know I’m thoroughly enjoying this conversation xD it’s not often I can be a history nerd)

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or how he was fight in skirmish when was still boy and how fought at The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill when he was only thirteen. He one of American most hated and beloved figures. Guys if go to south trust me Jackson is beloved. Which honestly feel only slight less weird how venerated COTUS is down. Think is about Jackson his brutality too was common of era.

I do find very cute and Romantic how would never ever let anyone insult his wife.

Aww thank you buddy!!

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He in fact survived 103 duels regarding his wife’s honour.

Whatever you may think of him that’s badass!


Bruh, where are all the men like that, Gotta go do some blood rituals( pray to chtulhu maybe) and resurrect some gentlemen cuz I need me one of them. Mmm. It’s a hard life.

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I am dying[quote=“Arasia_Valentia, post:74, topic:23174, full:true”]
Bruh, where are all the men like that, Gotta go do some blood rituals( pray to chtulhu maybe) and resurrect some gentlemen cuz I need me one of them. Mmm. It’s a hard life.

So very true, we may end up getting yell at soon for romanticizing one of Jackson good traits. :smile:
He grew up during early Frontier. Honestly French and English is what stop the massive Westward Expansion. The different Tribal Nation got really good at playing the Great powers off each other. Terrible thing for them is Jackson was good at playing the different Tribal Nation off each other.

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The major mechanical issue I can see with the idea of playing as Andrew Jackson and playing through the decisions of his youth (and I’d assume, eventually) his political career is that for a player to buy into their MC, they have to be able to, in some way, justify their decisions to themselves. When the MC has an option to commit war crimes in Guns of Infinity, I give the player a justification for what they’re doing, something that would make the decision to consciously commit an atrocity into a rational one. The MC himself might be filled with self-loathing later on, but the player has to be able to sympathise at some level if they’re to keep playing.

I can do this because most people don’t know how the story ends. They don’t have the luxury of living in the 9th century OIE and reading about the consequences and effects that the Dragoon Officer or his compatriots have on the world. We do know how Andrew Jackson’s story ends - a fact which will be at the forefront of almost every player’s mind as they make their decisions, and one which will colour how they see the character they are supposed to be sympathising with.

Likewise, there’s the design issue of deciding how much control you give the player. Does the story inevitably end in a political career, with all that implies? If the player chooses to (for example) never leave home, what’s the point of playing a game about Andrew Jackson, as compared to any other frontiersman in the late 18th century?

Personally, I strongly believe that we should humanise “monsters”, as a constant and stern reminder that any one of us could be remembered the same way if we aren’t careful about the decisions we make. However, I’d recommend that instead of putting the player in Jackson’s shoes (and all the baggage that implies), that you place the player close to him: a childhood friend, a confidante, a neighbour: a way which allows you to empathise with a historical figure without necessarily accepting his justifications (There’s a reason why Traudl Junge was “narrator” figure of Downfall, and not Hitler himself). Not only do you free the player from the burden of playing someone whose actions may have done real damage to their culture and their families (let’s face it, I’d be pretty uncomfortable playing as a Kwangtung Army officer, or a Company Soldier in the First Opium War too), but you also give the player more freedom to choose how their own MC’s story ends, deeply entwined with Jackson’s as it may be, either as friend, reluctant ally, or bitter enemy.


Maybe I can do something like divind we fall you play as different people and his life. You see different aspects of my different time. And depending how you’re playing as you will have different relationships with them. But even those relationships can change over the years.

It is noteworthy that we (we the company not we the mods) have discussed this game. There’s a significant chance that Hosted Games would refuse to publish this due to our guidelines about Grossly Offensive content.

Specifically, we believe that allowing the player to participate and encourage horrific actions (e.g. rapes, genocides, hate crimes, war crimes), especially historical ones, usually contains a certain amount of glorification inherent to the medium. Specifically, it’s very easy to justify actions which are unjustifiable, both by simply making the player participate in them and rewarding them for doing so, and by seeking a narrative balance and ‘reasoning out’ things such as rapes and genocides as ‘understandable’ or ‘inevitable’ when we see that in actuality they are not.

While we won’t say it’s impossible to make a game in which the player takes the role of someone participating in a genocide without promoting the genocide, we find that it is very unlikely, and recommend looking at other ideas.


I’m not going to glorify or romanticize anything but this figure is one of the biggest political personas in my country’s history and their effect to still feel today both the negative and positive. Yes he remove Native Americans he did quite a bit the Cherokee had a two-year grace period. I need a personal Vendetta against their principal chief. But also stop the Civil War from happening early and our nation balance the budget he got rid of the property requirements for the right to vote in this country founded the Democratic Party, his name is attached to a period of twenty years of American politics and his influence is still thinks that both negative and positive. How to all the political figures of my nation he is the walking contradiction of his era and of America of that era and you can make an argument still today. Another medium we should not shy away from what is terrible otherwise we learned nothing and we understand nothing. Because he is a person that is both still reviled and glorified in my country and if you are still in that living memory to this day that is a compelling character. We may not be playing at Jackson but I will damn well make him human and I will not shy away from his atrocities, but it’s not for clarification it’s for understanding of how a person can justify a monster as actions.

You do know that the first democrats would be considered hardcore republicans by today standards right? Like I understand what you mean but ultimately he was a gross and temperamental person.

Its good to humanise him but please dont mistake humanising him with glorification. You can make him look human without removing or trying to justify the fact that he ultimately was a terrible person with gross and misguided ideals.


Technically there is the license Choicescript option for publishing games (particularly explicitly adult ones) too right?
Though it may not be ideal, unless you can be pretty sure you’ve got a winner for your target market/audience on your hands, since that presumably requires (a hefty) chunk of change up front.

Adult content is not necessarily objectionable by our standards. Straight out pornographic content is not something that we’ve discussed in detail, but is nevertheless not at all what we intend when we say Grossly Offensive. For example, Fifty Shades of Grey and Secretary both came up as something we specifically are not addressing with these guidelines (although Game of Thrones may be). Stories like Fifty Shades might be prone to problem if they include content that is more obvious rape rather than BDSM, but stories that just include sex (even explicit sex) wouldn’t necessarily violate our guidelines as they stand.

N.B. This does not mean we would be certainly able to publish it, I’m unaware of the most explicit text iOS allows, which would probably be the most notable blocking problems, and adult images would present a unique problem in that I believe they would violate iOS guidelines and so we wouldn’t published for unrelated reasons.

Regarding licensing CS for publication outside of Choice of Games (and sibling companies), yes, that is an possibility, although one we generally do not promote or recommend. (We also haven’t done that in quite a while, and so I believe we would have to review the exact term before offering it again, but yes an upfront fee would almost certainly be part of it). It would also require an author to probably know their way around JavaScript, HTML, dealing with distributors (including distributor fees), tech support, and other things that we normally provide.

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Things Jackson force relocations of the tribes how it is executed is sadly not something unique among the American people or government. But by addressing it like it never happened or not understanding of the perspective of the people thst push for it is different. For example I don’t know what Jackson new his plan was to be executed so brutally. The Removal Act happen was a combination between him favoring the encroaching settlers siding and with Georgian and state law. Then the current principal Chief at the time John Ross but was resented by Jackson, who is felt he could have done more against the red sticks. The peace party in Cherokee faction which was very small party I was able to squeeze through atrocious treaty of course the large amount of the tribe didn’t participate at a protest, under Jackson’s terms. Which $4,500,000 and Land Oklahoma. They are give two year grace. Now a group of 2000 of the Cherokee heard the terms left and went to Oklahoma. 170000 stayed hoping Ross is going to be able to do anything. From there just very disgusting history once that two year period is up. Jackson is not the one that executed the order his successor the one that did you can argue he is the reason for the brutality this the brutality of the execution. And the atrocious treatment of Cherokee.

If I am making this game I will do it from different perspectives of people that interacted with Jackson. I could easily have historical perspectives of Sam Houston and Davy Crockett. Sam Houston who lived and grew up with the Cherokee he was an adopted member of the tribe. But he is also one of Jackson’s protege. Davy Crockett famous Frontiersman great at some self promoting who later became friends with Jackson and eventually a sitting member of the House of Representatives. But he actively combated the Indian Removal Act. witch cost him his political career and arguably his life Since went out west and fought in the Alamo .The act itself and the treaty ratified by incredibly small number of votes. And I could give the player ability to go and change that. Making sure it never passed. I want this to be historically accurate but at the same time if things can be changed in the realm of plausibly. And that’s one of things in the realm of plausibly.

now this game is going to focus on none of this it’s going to be Jackson as a child and a young man. The cat could be his mother or soldier that was a friend of his brother and got shot with them in prison as he sees the Jackson family died, all expected Andrew. Andrew Jackson was a Child Soldier and the American Revolution. He was beaten humiliated and he still cares a physical scars and abused POW. The only reason that he did die in there is because there a prisoner exchange and his mother was able to save them. You could see the perspective of his mother or a friend he made that got captured with them that’s a couple years older. Back then what was a 13 year old kid that nearly died for his country because he was that passionate, and in turn he hated the British that much. The hatred never goes away. That backstory right there will make you a legend if you ever become anyone famous during this time period.

Where did you find that Davy Crockett was friend with Andrew Jackson? All the info i can find tell me he did all in his power to fight Jackson policies and even supported jackson rival during the elections.

Opposing policies is not the same as hating the guy…Loads of political opponents at the time were good friends still.

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I still I cant find infos about that friendship for some reasons. I’m just really curious.

Crockett was the Jacksonian politician he was Jackson part of Jackson’s Entourage. He passed a lot of Jackson’s bill but he not was fan of his “land reforms”. And also he stop Jackson from killing his would-be assassin. That’s an entirely other ridiculous story of Americana right there but it happened.

The only info I could find on Crockett and Jackson relationship was a document written by Crockett in wich he treat Andrew Jackson as a wannabe king who think he know the constitution more than anyone so I only get bad vibes from this relationship. Would be nice if you could give me your sources.


Andrew Jackson was a legit BAMF. I’d be very interested to play a game based on his rather fascinating life.

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They where friend and political allies. Until he started pushing the Land Reform bills. Things Jackson was one of the most powerful president domestically. He hold the powerful power base in Washington where he could literally break people’s political career or make them. Crocker view the reform act as tyrannical. Now I gotta figure out it was base on a ethical ground or did he actually have a relationship with the indigenous population in Tennessee. It could be both. Many people from Tennessee are very proud to have a claim both on Jackson and Crockett.