Polls about COG, HG, and IF games

Well, I have an average parameter for the duration of the stories, I take at least 100 thousand words at least unless a smaller one like Balance of superpower is interesting

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Well, my original factor to choose a new story is always the premise and the genre, the words are a secondary factor as well as the rating since if in small stories sequels can be taken for their quality then I classify it as good and I can recommend it

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When following a WIP, would you rather have faster updates, or slower updates with more content?
  • I’d rather have faster updates with less content.
  • I’d rather have slower updates with more content.
  • Other (please specify)

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I have No preferences, whats best for the author is okay for me


Another story that could have an interesting sequel is Paradigm City

One thing to keep in kind is that updates often break saves, and having to start all over again very often, for very limited new content, is kinda annoying.

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Seconded, I have no particular preference for WiP update style.

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