POLL - What types of Protagonists/Main Characters are you open to playing in a Hosted Game?


I always play as what is essentially the closest version of myself I can create in any game I play, I’ve never really been into playing as a “character” per say. So I’m much more inclined to get games that have humanoid males but if I think something has an interesting enough premise I will get it. Sometimes its about “inserting” myself and experiencing a story through actions I personally would take and sometimes its like reading a book for me, I prefer the former but both are enjoyable.


Well, first off I want to admit that I think this isn’t fair, but for the most part people see “male” as default so when someone goes into a game with women as default I would assume they’re doing so for a reason, and that’s probably to look at women’s issues. For example, if you wanted to make a game at the women suffrage movement in America then you’d probably want that have the MC gender-locked to female (which would be kinda rad, honestly). I’m not saying it has to be about things like motherhood or the physical things women deal that men don’t.

I think what I’m trying to say is that locking anything about the MC in CoGs should have a point. Be it gender, race, sexual orientation, those things should be the player’s choice unless there’s a reason behind it. Which is why I assume if the MC is locked to female then the author probably wants to look into things that are exclusive to or at least more common for women. Which is NOT a bad thing, I want to emphasize that. If that’s what the author wants to do then more power to them, but its not something I necessarily want to do for fun.

Edited: I also want to point out that it could be about things that aren’t really “problems.” Like, if you wanted to make a game about a relationship between a mother and her child or about two sisters or something like that. That was probably poor word choice on my part, apologies.


Already posted above, but, yeah, this is also a deal-breaker for me. I am person not existing, if that makes sense (does not completely to me, kind of the lack of gender feels too). :blush:

Sometimes this does not come out straight away, so I have a few games I never actually finished… :no_mouth: Recent games have been turned down by me on this criteria alone.


Tbh I’m not sure if I’d play a game like that either. For me the purpose for gaming is to have fun.
I understand your point here and I agree with you that there should be a good reason for genderlocking otherwise once again the question would be that why should the opportunity to play the game be taken away from anyone?
All I’m trying to say that the reasoning must not necessarily do with the author trying to pass an important message on the audience. Once again I would use Guenevre as an example (not like there would that many too choose from, whatever). It was genderlocked bc it was written based on a certain historical figure, and I think I’ve read on the authors tumblr that they tryed to make it unlocked but that just didn’t work, which I can see why. Still when I’ve readed the game I didn’t feel like I have to think of any message about womans rights or sexism or any of that stuff. Of course there was the arrenged marriage thing but even that isn’t something what only affected womans in a bad way.

The edited part made me wonder about one more thing: If it would be genderlocked to female but overall the theme would be lighter and the only reason behind the genderlock would be that it would come off kinda awkward with a male MC. You still wouldn’t play that game?


That’s true, it doesn’t have to be some big feminist statement but it would probably still have to have a reason. I haven’t played Guenevre myself and I have heard nothing but good things about it but it still has no interest for me. I, personally, don’t really want to play a game about a woman doing what women do in whatever time period.

Honestly it would really depend. If I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it I might (the only reason I tried Study in Steampunk was because I heard a lot of good stuff about the Garret romance) and sometimes I’ll choose to play a female MC if my normal MC doesn’t fit the story, but I really want to have the option to play the MC I want to play. I know some people want to play as themselves and that’s cool but I want to play as a character I like.


Wow! Poll results gave us a lot of data here. (currently there are 279 responses for Question 1, just to memorialize where the data sits at the time of my post)

It’s not enough data to make hard decisions, but I still formed some loose ‘take-aways’ from this.

1. 59% of readers say “no” or “leery” to gender-locking against their gender. 28% say “no” or “feel guilty” even if gender-locked in their favor. To me, this means you might be cutting potential audience by a quarter or even a half by gender-locking. Seems very risky to me, if you’re looking to make some money from your story.

2. It seems animal protagonist might be doable. Only 8% say a hard “no,” although when combined with “prefer a human protag,” you get up to 39% who might have reservations.

3. WRITE MORE STORIES WITH VAMPIRE/ALIEN/GHOST PROTAGONISTS ASAP! 96% of people responded favorably to a story with this style of protagonist. Only 3% would prefer a purely human protagonist.

4. Be wary of sculpting a fully formed protagonist. 17% would automatically reject a fully formed protagonist if they could not pick the gender (this seems a bit odd in that it’s still a bit lower than the “no” to question 1. I guess that mean a few folks would rather play a gender-locked-against-them-fully-formed-protagonist than a gender-locked-against-them MC who is supposed to “be” the player). And a huge 38% have reservations.

5. Romance is not dead! 54% either need it or prefer it. I guess I interpret that as “it’s safer to include at least one or two possible romance options even if those scenes aren’t central to the plot.”

Anyone else come up with takeaways?


Sorry •munch munch• I just finished the •gulp• last of it… :blush:

All right, no, nothing else here, but my mind is busy running irrelevant stuff by me today. :no_mouth:


Not really sure what you meant by “leery” in all honesty, I just interpreted it as “picky”.


“cautious or wary.”

So it doesn’t mean they won’t buy it, but they are looking at it with a more critical eye because of the gender-lock feature.


I just like reading a good story, to each their own I’d don’t care if its gen-locked as long is the story is engaging and has a slither of romance, To me not buying just because its gen-locked doesn’t make sense to me.


I would like to hope this doesn’t mean we get TOO many more ‘play as supernatural characterl’ COGs since we have a number in line already, but I would love a game where you get to play as a classic Mars Attacks style alien, so I’m probably a bit of a hypocrite. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the last question has too many topics. I prefer romance, but I don’t want a whole game to be about gender and sex issues and bigotry.

I understand in historical games where being in a royal child producing relationship is important and having to somewhat explain non-heir producing relationships, but I don’t really like mpreg or magic babies.

I’d rather have more escapism, but also have romance.