POLL - What types of Protagonists/Main Characters are you open to playing in a Hosted Game?


Even so, people still felt that they wanted to be without real-world politics so much that they were willing to sacrifice romance to make it happen, which is interesting to me. Supposedly artworks have been used throughout the centuries as a discreet commentary on the political issues of their times. I would have believed, for those here at least, this would have continued to be the case.

I was going to add some variation of real-world issues in my own works, but now I will think better of it. Maybe some storytelling entirely immersed in the story world, in near complete separation from our own, would be a more popular choice. Seems people are getting tired of politics.


I wonder: Did anyone here ever pass on romancing even tho there are romance options with the gender they are interested in?
I tend to do this when I play Choice of Robots. I tried it with Elly (did I get her name right?) and the robot, but I feel like that game is interesting enough without romances so when I replay it I stay single through the whole game.


Guess I’d rather be a monster. I feel it’d be more interesting.


I would love to play a Watership Down or WE3 style game as an animal protagonist!

But in the end, most of it comes down to the writing style for me. If it’s cleverly written I’ll buy anything, that being said it might still annoy me on occasion (Samurai of Hyuga and being gay… ahem).


I second that.

(twenty characters)


Not personally, no. I always like romance in these games. And the more, the merrier. :wink:


Are you suggesting an The Shape of Water type situation? I personally wouldn’t fuck the fishman, but were I the fishman I would appreciate the fucking.


Off topic-- is The Shape of Water good? I keep hearing good things.

Otherwise… If there were a romance HG or something that was basically monster MC getting into all these shenanigans with humans, I think that’d be funny.


I was going to make an “is water wet” joke here but I decided against it.

In short: Yes. It is fantastic.

On topic: I’ll admit I’m a little bland in that I prefer more humanoid MCs to animal MCs. But I also love inhuman, supernatural MCs. I always love seeing what authors do with the supernatural or even alien protagonists.


It’s by Guillermo del Toro, so I assume “good” unless I have first-hand evidence to the contrary. That said, I’m a bit leery about it due to watching a DIFFERENT film involving Guillermo del Toro and human-monster relations.


I’m be up for it, though I have to admit I always preferred it with a monster male and a human female from the monster POV than the other way around, since I am probably a tad shallow that way (though it’s not impossible to have an attractive female monster if you’re creative enough, I guess?).

Something I like with romance is playing with size differences, hence why I probably liked how in Evertree Inn you could have relationships with notably taller characters as a Halfling or a Brownie, or date characters as a presumably on the short side Goblin in Monsters of Haven High.


Yeah see that’s why I was asking, because I know about Splice. LOL


Pretty much my feelings (except with “lesbian” replaced by “gay guy”). I’ve certainly played quite a few (non-CoG) games as a girl in order to get to romance the guy, and I really don’t want to have to again… :disappointed_relieved:

Huh… :open_mouth: Okay, now I’ve got to change my vote… (EDIT: Never mind; it was already on “might consider…” :sweat_smile:)


Hmmm, this made me think.

How does everyone feel about their MC sleeping with/romancing a non-human character, who they don’t know (until later) aren’t human?

Would that be a problem for anyone?


One could argue that’s part of Weyhaven, though of course we as the player know the RO’s are all vampires so… I guess it would depend on the context?


Depends on my character. Were they already established to not be interested in non human characters? Then that’'d start going into dubious consent and the waters are already pretty muddy, I’m guessing.


:joy: Not quite.
But this thread is giving me brilliant inspiration for a ‘sharp teeth and questionable intentions for days’ type of monster short romance game. Kind of? reversed Beauty and the Beast but with an actual monster.


Is it too early to back that game? I’m already getting on board-- my bus ticket’s paid for.


That is exactly what I hope to explore in Wayhaven Chronicles.


I guess it depends how non-human… :confused: Like a vampire? Or shapeshifter? Or alien cyborg scorpion hiding behind a very convincing cardboard cutout?