POLL - What types of Protagonists/Main Characters are you open to playing in a Hosted Game?


I would totally love a game where the deep and passionate love between a dragon and a princess is a thing, but that’s probably just me. :sweat_smile:


Gladly, though you can keep the money I spent on Community College Hero, you definitely deserve at least that.


Definitely not commercially viable, but still awesome. :grin:


Ughhhhh tentacles.
Nope to that, thanks.

As for the angel/demon stuff…at least what I’ve read, most of those kinds of characters appear 90% human excepting wings, maybe an unnatural skin color, and maybe a tail (if I’m lucky). Once there’s mention hooves I’m gone. No thank you.

That said, I wouldn’t be opposed to playing a game where I romance a traditional looking angel, with the sixty eyes and flaming wheel and six pairs of wings.
Sounds kinky.
Because it’s so out there and completely beyond my scope of understanding, I can probably lose myself more easily…and then when the game was over I would question my life and choices.


You have no idea how repulsed I am by the idea of animal/human hybrids. It was cute to me for one hot minute when I was in middle school and liked anime cat girls (thanks Tokyo Mew Mew), but I am really, really repulsed by the idea of it now. I didn’t even play Moreytown. I’m sure it was good and well written, but it’s just…such a hard no for me.

I even get weirded out by werewolf romances. I may have hated Edward Cullen, but for the love of god at least he didn’t require a flea collar to romance…

I think it may have to do with the fact that whenever I those stories come up there’s always the mention of fur and claws and fangs and I’m just reminded of my dogs and I get viscerally disgusted and I can’t. I just can’t.



Also in regards to writing a third person POV game where you simply decade the character’s actions like a classic CYOA but with TONS of outcomes… that could work!


I think a game where you play as an alien would be quite interesting.

I think it reminds me of ‘Arrival’. Such a choice game has the potential to delve into what it means to be human and the concept of intelligence.

I wonder whether such alien life would even consider us intelligent and how the MC will navigate the human world.

Alien: Lol these creatures, humans, think of themsleves as intelligent yet they can’t seem to able to solve an elementary mathematical problem such as the Riemann Hypothesis. We teach what they call ‘Advanced Calculus’ to our preschoolers, oh how cute :joy::joy::rofl:


I really don’t view any characters as me (god knows I haven’t been included once here), instead the character are like puppets. I want the story that I want, so I usually like the star being a guy (though in other games such as Soul Caliber, my roster is about half and half, I love cac games) though it’ not a deal breaker if it isn’t. I generally like playing humanoids and being more human looking is generally good for me (I don’t like being an elf compared to a human). Plus at the end of the day I can change the story. There’s very few things I would consider a deal breaker, so few that I can’t name them off the top of my head.

I’m guessing the Lost Heir 3’s druid scene didn’t float your boat :laughing:


Haven’t played Lost Heir, but thanks for the heads up, lol!


Yeah, in the third as a druid you can shape shift and one scene is you come across an animal as an animal… and you have the option to… do as nature calls? Is that a good wording :laughing:


I’ve only ever played as either a Dragon Knight or a Paladin. (The latter because there are SO many healing checks in that damn game…)

I didn’t even know there was that kind of scene in there, holy crap.

EDIT: I type too fast to notice errors in spelling. lawl.


I guess I am a bit of a sucker for a consensual monster-human romance (as in a proper monster, not just a vampire or other type who happens to look or passes for human) though it probably also depends on the gender or elements of the monster in question. Probably says something a tad weird about me. :thinking: Though I wouldn’t ever define myself as a furry or anything…

Maybe I should just make a COG version of Shape of Water and be done with it. :smirk:


I love me a good monster romance, the weirder the better. As long as I am sure that both partners are capable of consenting. (So the druid scene squick’ed me out, because it involved an actual animal.) But werebeast, alien - you name it, I am properly up for it.


Agreed, the core thing I always think separates outright bestiality (euw) from a well done non-human and possibly non humanoid romance outside a need for consenting is that the creature displays sentience like a human does (and possibly communication, though that’s not absolutely essential).


Pretty much what others have said already, no sex or romance scene is “ewww” unless it’s akin to having sex with an animal IRL, and animals can’t truly consent, it can probably show you and hint towards wanting to have sexual intercourse, but it would never actually know what it is it’s getting in to, but even assuming that it comes back after the first time and still “hints” at wanting to have more sex, it’s still a weird subject and I don’t think anyone here is actually going to embrace that brave new frontier.
It’s as weird as incest, or if you want to be positive and polite about such a subject you’d probably call it “genetic sexual attraction”, but same here I don’t think anyone here is willing to embrace that frontier either.

As for myself, I’m mainly only interested in romance in CoG and HG novels, so gender choice is a must. But I can be swayed by a particularly good story, but I’m very picky about that and so far I haven’t played one that I liked that didn’t have romance in it.
But that’s just my personal preference.

Also the thing about Disney doing it “right” with animal POVs, it’s mainly marketed towards children, the story and the themes are not really challenging enough in that regard. Handeling a mature theme from an animal’s POV is something I’ve yet to see.


Interesting. There seems to be an outcry for Interactive Novels without romance and real-world political issues. I will take note of that myself. :slight_smile:


For me love is the point of everything, whether it’s books, games or real life love is why I endure the all the bullshit and without it I don’t see any point. So if a game doesn’t let me play as a lesbian then I have no interest :unamused:


I think in terms of the latter that’s likely because many people like some level of escapism in their media and not always having fandom and fiction in general constantly beat into our heads that our world sucks and we’re all gonna die from (insert selected hated political figure here) being an asshat.


I hope none of you thought I was joking about that thing I said earlier because it’s 700 words and counting in CSide



i wanna read



Not exactly on the original topic, but following the previous line of discussion - Would you guys rather play a game where you romanced a monster, or where you were the monster in the situation?