Player Sexuality - Game Development

Like they said. And I am straight in RL but often I play as other gendered characters with their own sexuality as both a way to expand my roleplay options and look for “special features” (easter eggs or scenes that only appear if you have a certain gender. Check characters that would ignore a straight/gay player become romance-able etc…).

Usually I dislike stories were all characters behave like they are bi. I don’t know how to explain why, guess human relationships shouldn’t be simplified that way?

Hmmm. Actually in the hands of a good writer this kind of situation could create interesting misunderstandings and funny scenes were another character is jealous of a courtly that exists only in their head.

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Personally I’m really fond of how Guenevere (WIP) handles player sexuality. You get to chose your romantic and sexual orientation early in the game (after meeting all the love interests) but your choices don’t actually limit who you chose to romance and there are points where the game will ask you if your feelings towards certain characters have changed. I really like this approach since it allows the player a lot of role playing depth I haven’t seen in most games since your character is allowed to have complicated and fluid feelings about their identity.