Planning/mapping software

Any ideas on what software to use for planning out our story and creating mind-maps?

like this

1 Like is pretty good.

I like personally, pretty easy to use.


a little expensive. :disappointed_relieved:

If you’re doing one project, the web version is free to use.

Ah, that’s useful. I’ve been using twine as my map

I use XMind 6, which has a free version, pro version and business version. I’m not going to say that it’s any better than the ones already recommended (which I might myself be inclined to check out), but it’s another option you can look at. I use the free version. The one bonus it might have over the one @fantom mentioned is that you download it. I have to work offline a lot these days and can’t use my browser at those times.

I use yED which is free, has a great set of tools and fairly easy to learn. I used it to do my latest
mind map.
It is very versatile to use.