Pirates of Donkey Island - tribute to Monkey Island and Pirates of the Caribbean

Awesome, I’d be happy to give it another run through sometime this week when I have a moment. Is there anything in particular you’d want us to be on the lookout for?

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Thank you @Jayffel :love_letter:

Actually, my foremost concern is about language. I’m not a native English speaker, so I’d really appreciate it if you helped me by checking grammar, style, and everything concerning language.

After that, I’d like to address the following topics:

  1. Insult Sword Fighting. Is it clear how it works? Is it fun?
  2. Puzzles. Are they too easy/too difficult?
  3. Which is your favorite crew member? Why?
  4. Do you actually feel the “impending doom”/the urge to lift the curse? Did you ever die?

Well, I hope I didn’t ask too much of you :slight_smile:

THANK YOU very much in advance. Free wine for everyone who comes to Italy to visit me! :wine_glass:


So far, I haven’t found any grammar/spelling mistakes, but I may go through the game more thoroughly next time :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I didn’t really get the hang of how it worked (maybe just me being lil’ clueless me), are you supposed to rhyme? or something?

  2. The puzzle of getting the number right for the wheel was a bit confusing, (but again, may just be me, lol) - i feel like I’m just naturally bad at puzzles :sweat_smile:

  3. My fav crew member was Slash (Matthew)- he was an interesting character, and his personality was cute :slight_smile: Also him being cheesy and singing love songs was adorable.

  4. I hadn’t died yet in any of my playthroughs- and I may have had an urge to lift the curse in a few of my playthroughs? Tried to be chaotic in one playthrough, lol.

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Thank you very much for your feedback, @Mistyleaf123 :heart_decoration:

  1. Insult Sword Fighting is one of the funniest things about the Monkey Island Franchise. If you guess the right comeback when your opponent insults you, you win. It’s all in the word jokes and/or rhymes. I tried my best to recreate the original videogame feeling. I hope it’s at least funny to play :slight_smile:

  2. The Wheel’s puzzle is VERY tricky. I tried to give some hints. I hope they are enough. Thank you for trying :slight_smile:

  3. I love Guns n’ Roses, and Slash comes directly from the 90s. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you very much for all your help. Your hints are very precious.


Hi everyone!

I really want to thank everyone for the great LOVE you are pouring into this project. I am overwhelmed by the feedback and I will soon make a new version.

Looking forward to hearing from @idonotlikeusernames , @TheZod , @Jender , @Zakle and @Rogue_Gambit who showed interest earlier. :smile_cat:

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Honestly, this was fantastic.

The amount of references and pretty faithful material spanning all three (and the only good ones, don’t @ me) games of the M Donkey Island franchise is staggering. To the point I found myself guessing what would come next or wondering if we’d see a reference to something, only to find it to happen!

I heard René Rottingham’s voice constantly in my head during the Insult Sword Fights (kudos to you for including many of the insults from the third game. It had the best ones.) Wally’s cameo was also quite cute, you even managed to include a Largo reference! That’s fantastic. Someone still needs to tell Herman where to find his banana picker though.

I even named my crew the Ghost Pirates and we set sail on the Sea Cucumber, for obvious reasons.

I found a few typos and that’s about it, the humour is still all there and I liked how some of the puzzles got reworked to include the crew. That was a nice touch.

The only complaint I have is that there was a severe lack of attempts at selling some fine leather jackets.


Wow, thank you, @TheZod, for your time :smiley:

If you could please point me out the typos, I’d really appreciate it.

And by the way, I gotta find a way to sell fine leather jackets! I absolutely agree with you. :heart:

By the way, which “ending” did you reach? Did you turn achievements on, or did you keep them off?

  • in stat screen, the money still shows up as:
    Pieces_of_Eight: 132

    Special_Items: None (there are still the underscores)

  • The insult duels are still hilarious! (And I find it very easy to understand what we are supposed to do, that shouldn’t be an issue)

  • the lottery puzzle kills me haha. took my mojo from 82 to 35… :sob: :joy:

  • at first, I was not worried about mojo at all. then the lottery puzzle wrecked it haha

  • the circus puzzle was very well done

  • hahaha i love the ending. ended up in love with Sam, and the fact he stays as a gorilla is amazing

  • and the entire list at the end chef’s kiss made me laugh

  • My favorite crewmate is Slash (love the references to guns and roses), but Sam is a close second

Great work! The only spelling errors I found were when it was intentional (pirate talk or whatever). The story made sense, there was a good degree of difficulty (except I still have no idea how to pass the lottery hahaha), the ending(s) was great, overall just very well done. A glass of wine for your hard work! :wine_glass:

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Wow @Jackpot1776 thank you very much for your time and dedication :love_letter:

I still remember how much effort took me to find out the solution for the wheel of fortune in the original game :smiley: Perhaps I should make it a little easier providing more clues.
Actually, you COULD avoid the puzzle if Slash is lucky, but it doesn’t always work.

Thank you again for all your time. Looking forward to having you as a guest here in Italy so we can drink wine together. :wine_glass:

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I’ve said it before but saying it again, LOVE insult sword fighting!!! :heart: You did an excellent job of putting that in from the games.

I didn’t see any grammar or spelling but on the stat screen it’s showing up:



I loved the circus scene! I was hoping to get launched out of cannon but then I might have thought my name was Bobbin. :grin:

The ending was great with LeChic. Overall, it really lived up to the other games. I loved every reference to them. I can’t wait for the new version!

Thank you very much @Rogue_Gambit for your time and dedication. :heart:

Out of curiosity : which ending did you choose? Did you manage to recover the treasure?

Now a technical question for everyone : is it possible to have a multiple words stat without resorting to underscores? How should I fix the Pieces_of_Eight issue? Thank you for your advice

Yes it is. I assume you variable is ${Pieces_of_Eight}? If it is, make the code look like this:

Pieces of Eight: ${Pieces_of_Eight}

Thank you very much for the hint. I will try and get back to you.

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Thanks to so many people’s feedback, the game improved!

An updated version is online, featuring:

  • No more underscored_stats
  • New name for Slash’s band: the Guns n Posers
  • Typos fix

Thank you again, everybody! If you have any more ideas on how to improve the game, I’m all ears!



Thanks to so many people’s feedback, the game improved!

An updated version is online, featuring:

  • Typos fix
  • Minor adjustments to stats values

Thank you again, everybody! If you have any more ideas on how to improve the game, I’m all ears! :heart:

*edit: by the way, I’d like to add a VERY IMPORTANT “playtesters” CREDIT page. So anyone who’d like to be included in it, please reply to this thread telling me exactly how you’d like to be credited. :heart: Thank you again everyone!


Hi everybody!

I am really humbled by the positive feedback I’ve received. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I just made a few further fixes, IMHO the game is now 99,9% error-free.

Let me know if you like it, and please tell me how you’d like to be credited!


I’ll do one more playthrough soon :grin:
@Gilbert_Gallo Alright, I did one more… Final judgement… perfect! I found no errors of any kind, the stats still seem balanced, and everything seems good! Congrats mate! Good luck with submission!

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Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Today, I submitted the game.

I hope they’ll like it :heart:


Good luck! I’m excited.

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Hi everyone! I am now writing the CREDITS part, and I’d really love to quote you all playtesters properly. Please, PM asap and tell me how you’d like to be credited.
Thank you again for all your love :heart: