Phoenix Rising | (updated - 09/15/23) (WIP) | Imperial Chinese Harem Political Intrigue

Yeah, I’m having trouble with the formatting. It just STRAIGHT UP doesn’t work for some reason.

This has been fixed in the next version that I will upload sometime soon.

Thank you so much for your thorough explanation of what steps you took! I really appreciate it.

I did not forget anything. It’s not working. The coding is right, but for some reason it’s reading the coding as just text, instead of coding. I don’t know whats wrong and I’m working with admins to try and figure it out. Any help would of COURSE be appreciated.


How is everyone else playing it? I don’t have a link, I am interested unfortunately I can’t try it.

Copy and paste the direct link?

Author’s having trouble with making a hyperlink right now.

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Eunuch? Are we not ballin?


Sounds intriguing but that’s all I can say because the demo link doesn’t work

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A few bumps in the road can make it feel like a big uphill struggle, but I’d say for a first time project you aren’t doing half bad. It can take a lot of patience to solve seemingly unexplainable code behaviors, but I think you got this. :smile:

A little thing from picking each RO's gender individually; I noticed Chengling's name showing up twice.

Bolin is accounted for.

Wenqian’s name also appears.

I think this one was meant to be Lianlian?

Because this one specifically uses the term ‘regal’, so it must be the actual Chengling?

Here’s a pic of the code segment:


Wait! Wait! Wait!! I’m quite confused with the rank inside the Imperial palace. I chose to play as a male tea store servant and it says that the MC is an Eunuch off the tea store does it means that they cut his **** off?

I answered you question in a previous post:


I have updated the Demo link several times, I don’t know why it’s not working. You’ll just have to copy and paste the link for now. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Putting out there that I’m going to take a crack at solving the demo link issue. I will not push any edits that fail, though, since I should be able to preview them.

Edit: I definitely see why this one is a thinker. Everything looks good, but it isn’t cooperating. The only other thing I can think of is that sometimes dropdown embeds don’t like nested links, but it seemed to work fine over on the Folksaga master post. I went looking for an example I could peek at with the quote function, but it didn’t help as much as I hoped. Someone with more backend authority might be able to get a better look at it based on this? :sweat:


Thank you so much for trying. At least now I know I’m not insane and I’m not doing anything obviously wrong.

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Hm try to ask the moderators? They might know.

GOOD NEWS! The Mods were very helpful, and the formatting is fixed!


I love the premise! I’m keeping my eyes on this.
I also read the first chapter. it was very good and i wished there was more. Kudos.

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Code With Me!

Come and spend 15 minutes watching me fuss around with the coding for this game!


This is so exciting always wanted to try something like this, Looking forward to it!!

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I feel you with all of the posts pointing out gamebreaking errors, but Umbreon is definitely right that it’s totally just growing pains of starting a new project. If you’d like any advice, I’m always happy to send over things that have worked for me in the past in terms of fishing out errors proactively!


Oh my GAWD yes, you have no idea how helpful that would be! I’ve already set up an alpha testing mode, which helps with jumping back and forth testing things, but I CANNOT for the LIFE of me figure out the random test or the other one that come with the program? Like, I can run them but I don’t know how to read their results, and it’s just FRUSTRATING.


Bug here where “clothing” narrative is in where “tea” narrative should be.

*elseif dept_palace = "Tea Store"
  The first week was spent doing grueling tests; firstly, of your knowledge of how tea is grown and delineated, then of how well you could control the heat when boiling water, and finally of your knowledge on which tea types were meant to be prepared how. It was only after the Head Sommelier had determined that your knowledge was absolutely abysmal that you were put to work.
  It would, perhaps, have been reasonable to expect your raw fingers and sore back. Doubled over the basins used to wash and clean the myriad cups and pots needed to service the entirety of the Imperial Palace, as you worked from early morning before the sun rose to late night after the sun set, set your knees creaking as well.   
  Your tongue was beginning to grow knowledgable, at least, as you are allowed to taste whatever tea is left. You carefully do not think about who had drunk from the cups before you. But you are young. The long-term effects of this life will not trouble you for many years yet.
    #[i]Besides, no matter what, simple jobs like this would keep me safe.[/i]
      *set cowardice %+15
      Since you have been here, you've heard horror stories. Maids being slapped for speaking up, lower maids being flogged and whipped because they got in the way of the Palace Mistresses. It wasn't strange to see people carted off to the House of Righteous Justice. The guards were an imposing force in groups, and you found yourself waking from dreams of them dragging you down the pathways to your demise. 
      *goto bullying1    
    #[i]Besides, I don't plan to be here too long.[/i]
      *set scheming %+15
      A simple ${pc_title} in the Clothing Department was not how your story was going to end. No, you had plans, and those didn't stop in this cavalcade of whiners and imbeciles. You knew your own worth, and you knew that you could rise in ranks quickly enough. 
        #[i]Once they see how hard you work, you're certain to become a high-ranked servant.[/i]
          *set chaste %+15
          Hard work was truly the one way to get through your years here within the Imperial Palace. If you could work hard and be recognised, you might even be able to score a lucrative, honorable position outside of the palace too, or maybe a marriage to a high-ranked individual.
          *goto bullying1
        #[i]Once you're high enough ranked, you can catch the eye of someone important.[/i]
          *set hedonistic %+15

Ik what you said about saves, but while in development with bugs and unclear choices to be edited still, “will post in hosted” doesn’t hold up as a reason not to implement saves.

Btw I’m not sure whether you’re doing it deliberately, so I’ll mention; there’s no need to do double *linebreaks, you can just use double space like you normally would on a text area like this comment section.

Another bug, this time a game breaking one.

chapter1 line 798: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

Again, I’m not sure whether you’re not aware, but running a “quick test” from the choicescript files that you’ve downloaded is adviced to catch all game breaking bugs. It’s very easy to ensure the game is break-free.

Oh, I see that you’ve mentioned it. One sec.

All you need to read is the very last sentence.

If Success, there are no game breaking bugs. If Failed, look at the bug report right under it. In your case,

chapter1 line 798: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

Just go to the file you named “chapter1.txt”, check line 798, and fix the bug.