Phoenix Rising | (updated - 09/15/23) (WIP) | Imperial Chinese Harem Political Intrigue

Ah, that’s a great question! As of right now, not a truly poly route. The issue with it is the strict social requirements of this time era. As much as I would love to put one in (I’m a huge fan of polyamorous relationships fixing stupid love triangles), men in this time era were VERY MUCH conditioned that if their woman was with another person, that woman and the other person were personally victimizing him, and therefore it was to be punished by drowning them in bamboo cages barely big enough for a pig.

So… yeah, it’s a bit difficult to provide a polyamorous route in this particular game. The only way I can think of to provide something like that, is perhaps to have a cheating route where the highest-ranking member of the pairing “looks the other way”? But uh… I dunno. It’d mess with the realism of the setting.

Perhaps if the setting was a bit more fantasy than I am currently portraying it. But for the sake of this setting, this game? Probably not.