Percentile stat screen question

Is it possible to have the stat screen do percentage charts of numbers whose max is not 100?

I want to measure areas on a mech with varying maximal values of armor (i.e. head 8, torso 50, etc etc).

Is it possible to show damage this way (where 50 would equate to 100%, damage to 25 would equate to 50%, etc etc.)

I couldn’t find this addressed anywhere, point me in the right direction if I’m mistaken. Thank you!

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Yep, it’s possible; you just use the calculated percent as the numerical variable in your stat chart.


*create hp_current 5
*create hp_max 28

    percent ((hp_current/hp_max)*100) Hit Points

If don’t want decimals, you can use the *round() command:

    percent round((hp_current/hp_max)*100) Hit Points

You have made my day. THANK YOU.

I was having trouble with math operations using one variable +/-/* another, but the extra spaces in between must have been what was throwing error messages?

The spaces on mathematical operations should be irrelevant. What kind of message did you get?

I think it said it was an operator error, expecting parenthesis but instead got “equality”? I think? I deleted the whole line and did things another way, so I can’t remember the exact wording.

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