Percent or text? Which one would you prefer?

In Heart of The House, we have relationship descriptions rather than statistics, and it really got me thinking. Which one do you prefer, as a player?

  • Relationship described in text.
  • Relationship described in stats.

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For relationships I think text is way better. For example, 90% in a realtionship could mean a lot of things: a close friendship, a romantic partnership, a platonic family like relationship. Text allows you to make those distinctions in a way a percentage couldn’t.


I haven’t gotten the chance to read Heart of the House yet so it may change my mind, but personally I find it very satisfying to max out and achieve 100% with a character definitively! Depending on the description, I may always wonder if the relationship is as high as I can take it haha. But text is probably more organic and natural!

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but… why not both, tho? for a quick observation you would have stats, and if you really wanna understand ‘level of intimacy’ with someone you romance (or whatever) then you have text.
So. Both is good.


I too like both.
Percent for gameplay, and text for story.

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I love this GIF. OMG. :smiley:

kyros - dedicated stats min-max-er since 2012

Text is more enjoyable I suppose but personally, my urge to min-max stats is insatiable

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I generally prefer text instead of percent. However, I think it really depends on the game and the strengths of the writer as to what makes a better experience for that COG. For games where stats are intimately tied to the success or failure of your choices (for example, Cataphrak’s Infinity series) I would say that it’s best to use percentages so that players can best evaluate the options available to them. I’m not a game designer, though, so please take my advice with a grain of salt.

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