Options you want to have more often and other features and elements you want to see more often in COGs or HGs

Because those of us who play non-binary player characters are most likely

A. alreayd non-binary and thus already aware of what it means.

B. So good roleplayers that they have a strong internal idea of the MC. One who doesn´t transfer over to the NPCs.

That said, it was serious about the he/they and she/they pronouns. Double pronouns like that is ver, very common amonst us enbies and still get the point across because so long as the author makes sure someone uses the they.


I think the difference lies in you not being inside the NPC’s head all the time. If you chose to play the character that way, you probably don’t need constant reminders from the narration that he is non-binary.

This is less the case if you have a non-binary NPC who is supposed to be representing the group, even to players who might be very used to a gender binary and would not even think about deviations from it being possible if not confronted with it.


That doesn’t really address the question. Yes, I know I’m nonbinary. But if that isn’t expressed using gender-neutral terms, it would be weird, wouldn’t it? That’s why it is expressed using gender neutral-terms. You can also use those same terms for NPCs.

Non-binary player options exist for the non-binary player. Would I love for it to be adressed more (only if the author is non-cis honestly, or I don´t trust them), bu they exist for the non-binary player.

Non-binary npcs represent all of non-binary people for the players. Many who still doesn´t know that it is even a thing. If there are like 5 non-binary characters you have room to have one - two use regulars pronouns because if the player misses one the representation is still there, but usally there is (let´s be honest) only one of two and then most people will just not discover that there is a non-binary character. Because the pronouns are what people see.

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We do have to face reality, though. Like it or not, he/him and she/her are inextricably linked in the social consciousness to masculinity and femininity respectively. Even most non-binary people have been raised in the gender binary and will probably consider he/him = masculine and she/her = feminine by default. Maybe we can change this in the future, but when trying to represent non-binary people today, it does have to be taken into account.

Pronouns are about the most potentially gendered and common terms to refer to a person there are. If you’re referring to a non-binary person with he/him, you are not using gender-neutral terms.


I mean if the player doesn’t know what nonbinary means it’s kinda a moot point because they’re not going to get it regardless of which terms you use. But personally I don’t only look at pronouns… maybe that’s just me though because I do know that?

@FabricSeat I don’t know if you have played a nonbinary he/him PC, but I have and they definitely do use gender-neutral terms other than pronouns. Like parent, child, monarch, person etc.

First of all you could very well argue that are he/she non-binary player character should also have acess to gendered terms.

Second of all. That won´t work for most NPCs. And again if they are using masculine/femine pronouns why would they not use masculine femine titles? Most non-binary people chooses the pronouns they are comfortable with. That goes for titles too. So if you are only comfortable using femine pronoun chances are that you are also only comfortable using femine titles.

Thirdly most authors are cis. I would trust a non-cis author to get that a non-binary she/he person is still non-binary. But the average author? No, they better stick to they and maybe neo-pronouns. There is alreayd a hughe problem with people seeing non-binary as “woman”-light. Let´s us not encourage more.


Okay, wait, everyone, maybe we should stop talking about this here? I think the thread is getting severely derailed from its original topic. I actually tried to create a new one for this subject but I think it’s awaiting moderator approval, so…


I dont read RO/NPC description provided by author before starting the game so if i encounter any charecter and they tell me their pronouns are he/him/his or she/her/her I am going to assume they are male or female


Relationship stats which affect the story in a bigger way, like having extremely low relationship stats to the point that the person will try to harm you, depending on the situation.


Damn that sounds like an amazing book. I also highly recommend (definitely not because I’m the author or anything).


Yes, the height option is both good if you want your character to be short and if your want your tall… Just out of curiosity,if it’s not too personal a question do you want your character to be tall because you’re tall in real life and want your character to reflect that or is it rather that you’re short in real life and want to get a taste of the experience of being tall? Because I know that there are both people who like choosing a height similar to their real life-height and people who like choosing a height that is the opposite of their real life-height.


Technically I’m tall in real life, but height’s a complex thing for me. I’d rather not get into it further, but in any sort of game I despise being short, like it’s a legit trigger for me. So in a form of media where it’s a comparably easy option to have, it’s greatly appreciated.


I want more games with combat / assasination choices


Thank you for explaining. I don’t recall any released COGs or HGs that make any assumptions of the MCs height, outside of that stated by the players/readers themselves when there’s an explicit or implicit option of choosing the height of the MC. However, I have noticed a couple of WIPs that seemed to assume your character is tall(for male characters in the first one) or at least not short(the second one). The first one is the Golden Rose and the second one is Diaspora.

I have to admit I also get a bit annoyed (the few times) when a COG, HG or whatever make assumptions about my character’s height that I haven’t put there myself,so to speak, at least as long as it’s something I wold never have voluntarily chosen for my character. But as long as the writing is really good, as the wrting of The Golden Rose is, and the HG or COG in other important ways allow your character to be a non-warrior character and in other ways avoid being the “big, strong warrior” kind of character and there’s no other big issues, I can set that annoyance aside and still enjoy the COG,HG or WIP. But if that’s not the case, like with Diaspora, where I don’t really like how the romances with the female ROs is handled(from what I’ve read), it can be enough to ruin what would otherwise had been an enjoyable COG,HG or WIP for me.

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I see options for height fairly often, but what bothers me is that sometimes the options are just not very specific even if the choice is prompted with a specific, poorly-described reference. e.g. “Are you shorter or taller than this person (whose height I haven’t given you?)” or in one instance, I pick “I’m tall.” and the text comes back and tells me “Oh so you’re 5’11"” (which is just slightly above average height here).


I’m all here for those sweet “Lemme be tall as an effin’ high-rise” options. I need to overcompensate. Badly.

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Can’t say I’ve seen any options to be 75-150 feet tall in a Choicescript game. You can probably get that tall in Dawn of Corruption (spoilered the name of the game because it is an adult game and this is not the adult forum)

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Oh, but this thingy right here might become an actual thingy:

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Though, now I’m wondering if my usual selection of “very tall” is correct for not for a character that in my head is 6’3".

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