Optimal Image Size for Choicescript Games

Hi! I was thinking of commissioning some artwork for the game I’m working on. Does anybody know what’s a good size for the images to be? It would involve artwork of scenery, mostly.


Check the “make your own game” category here on the page. The dimensions are there (can’t link them atm, sorry.)

EDIT: Hah, got it:

Icon: 1024×1024, but mobile devices will resize it down to 48×48. This icon should NOT include the name of your game.
Splash Screens: This screen will be displayed briefly as the game starts (on various devices) and will act as the first screenshot in the store.
480×800 portrait (Android)
640×960 portrait (iPhone 4)
1242×2208 portrait (iPhone 5+)
1536×2048 portrait (iPad portrait)
2048×1536 landscape (iPad landscape)
Other Promotional Art: These landscape images can include the name of your game in a large font.
1024×500 landscape
1400×560 landscape
480×320 landscape


Thank you! I must have missed that.

It’s a bit hard to find, as, unless I completely missed it elsewhere, it’s only in the submission form for HG games

That means that I should make one image per resolution or just the biggest one and then crop and scale the rest from that?
I assume that the splash screens must be all the same don’t they?
And for the promotional art how many of them can I include?
As far as I know I can add images inside of the game itself, like between the text of the story, does that count as “Other Promotional Art” too? or is there another dimensions I must follow?

How do you guys normally do it?

For details on these, you can visit the submission form site: https://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/hosted-games-submission-form/ (which, to be fair, is now only telling you to email them any questions you have).

But on technicalities,

This is totally up to you. Most people use a single splash screen and then crop them down as this is the easiest and cheapest way. You can also downscale instead of cropping down, but mind the details lost.

Promo arts are exactly that, three, I’d imagine. But take it with salt.

In-game arts don’t count as any of those you mentioned and may be in any dimension. Do note that each device has their own screen ratio and this affects how your images are displayed.


Yes, that’s what I’ve found too, not even the information that MeltingPenguins gave, so I don’t know if that is still what we should use or there has been changes.

So I can make for example 2 images, one for landscape and one for portrait that are completely different?

I guess I’ll have to send an email either way.

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