Operator? invalid expression

mother line 447: Invalid expression at char 10, expected OPERATOR, was: NUMBER [1]

Trying to make a random event (based off a temp variable w a number to show which one happens) for my game.
Its supposed to pick a number (1, 2, or 3), then the number represents an event. I want to do this in the same spot, but with 3 different things.

Please post your code, it helps a lot.

lol sorry, here

*rand trackmom 1 3
*if trackmom 1
*set 1 true
*set 2 false
*set 3 false
*if trackmom 2
*set 1 false
*set 2 true
*set 3 false
*if trackmom 3
*set 1 false
*set 2 false
*set 3 true

all the *sets are indented in my file btw

IIRC, you can’t use numbers as variables. Maybe try to change that?

And btw, </> for preformatted text.

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@Szaal hit the nail on the head numbers can not be varibles.