Ok to post reviews?

Hi Choice of Games forums! I’m new here. I wanted to try my hand at making video reviews of some choice of games books. 1: would I be allowed to post links on the forum? 2: if yes, which category would be best for that?

This is something i am doing for fun. My first review will be a bit of a test of the system I’m doing for these, so critique of my reviews (at least the first few ones while I find my rhythm) is welcome.

Thank you for your time!


I can’t speak for the staff members since I’m just a member, but I think that would be great! Everyone likes their stuff to get reviewed, and there’s no central place to put reviews for Choicescript games so it’d be nice to see them here on the forums.


It’s totally fine to put reviews here–I recommend putting them in the thread for the game in question. If you aren’t sure which thread is best, feel free to ask in a PM.


You can also create your own thread where you collate and manage reviews you made. Then, link it up with the reviewed game’s thread as Gower mentioned.


I think it’s cool to post reviews of all sorts of games, especially if you have experience with the game. It’s just more interesting to read the review from the point of view of an ordinary user.